Anti-Masker Claims To Have Stolen Multiple COVID-19 Vaccines For “Testing”

Kelly Anne Farkas says they’re going to have scientists “examine” the vaccines for “everyone to see,” on livestream. To politicians: “we’re coming to get ya.”

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Instagram

A leader of the conspiracy-based anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination movement in Canada claims to have obtained “all four vaccines” in a bid to have them tested in a laboratory and the ingredients exposed to the world. 

In a July 26 livestream posted to Instagram, Kelly Anne Farkas claims to have stolen the medicine for “examination” by “registered, licensed scientists.” 

Farkas, known in the anti-lockdown movement as Kelly Anne Wolfe, adds that this team of scientific minds would be livestreaming the testing process “in the coming weeks,” though no explanation was offered as to how.

“They’re going to completely explain exactly what they are doing as they do it, and they’re going to completely show the entire world what exactly is in these suckers,” she told the camera from Courtenay, BC. “You guys can all look forward to finding this stuff out. And when we do find out what’s in them, because we will, because we already know what’s in them.” 

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She goes on to say that “pre-testing” has begun and that multiple vials of each vaccine were available to them. 

“We are gonna do it in a way that everybody in the entire world will be able to see just exactly what is being injected into the human race.”

The list of ingredients in each vaccine approved by the Canadian government is public.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network has reached out to police and public health agencies to ask how Farkas could have obtained multiple vaccines, and, if true, what laws may have been broken. We will update accordingly. 

“RCMP, I don’t care if you hear me,” she taunted the camera, “and no, I’m not gonna tell you where they are, and no you can’t force me to. To be honest, I don’t even know where they are, all I know is that they’re safe, so that’s all I need to know.”

What, if anything, Farkas has in her possession remains to be seen. No proof to substantiate any of her claims is offered, but she has told her supporters to steal vaccines in previous social media posts. It is implied that the results of the testing will be used as a smoking gun against politicians.

"All you politicians out there that are lining your pockets, that are profiting off the death of people, I told ya. We’re coming to get ya," she said at the end of her video.

Screenshots captured by activists show calls from Farkas’ account encouraging people to steal the vaccines as far back as May 2021. 

“Want to stop the kids from getting those bribed jabs? Take a bunch of people with you, stand in line, and when you it’s [sic] your turn take the vile [sic] say [thank you] and walk off with it,” she says on Instagram, according to a screenshot posted on Twitter.

There have been other attempts by people in the anti-lockdown movement to steal vaccines. In the United States, a Minnesota man identified as Thomas Humphrey recorded himself stealing the Johnson and Johnson vaccine from a pharmacy for similar undefined testing purposes. 

Humphrey is described as a sovereign citizen, someone who subscribes to pseudo-legal practices and arguments, and uses specific language in interactions with police and the courts, to claim that the laws of the land do not apply to them. Farkas is a sovereign citizen believer too. Farkas’ has been racking up tickets, and proclaiming that their sovereign citizen status will result in those fines being dropped. 

Farkas has also claimed to be a member of Anishinabek Solutrean Métis First Nation (ASMIN), a fictitious Indigenous nation, falsely claiming Indigenous status, in a practice known as raceshifting. 

“My name is Kelly Anne of the Wolfe clan of the Anishinabek tribe - I am a sovereign living being, your defacto corporate laws are beneath me, and have no standing in superior, supreme or international court,” she wrote on Twitter in January. The mention of “defacto corporate laws” and the unique presentation of her name is referential of the sovereign movement.

Source: Twitter

In another tweet from January, Farkas posted her certificate “adopting” her into the ASMIN confederacy, and calling it her “tribe.” 

Source: Twitter

ASMIN is known for interjecting sovereign citizen arguments and principles in their practices. Its “grand chief” Zane Bell has participated in anti-lockdown protests in Toronto.

Farkas is currently in BC on tour with other prominent figures in Canada’s anti-restriction movement like Holocaust denier Chris “Sky” Saccoccia and her partner, former United We Roll convoy and Wexit organizer Pat King

Another recent video posted while on tour shows Farkas seemingly drunk. She says that she’s holding “storytime on Insta Live,” and “that’s my 11-year-old son laughing.”

Farkas holds up a book with a picture of Trudeau’s face. From off-screen you can hear a child’s voice, “This is a bad face. This is a face we need to shoot.”

Source: Instagram

Kelly Anne Farkas and Pat King did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 

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