BC resident Arthur Topham arrested for spreading antisemitic hate propaganda (again)

Convicted criminal and British Columbia resident Arthur Topham has been arrested this week for breach of probation conditions that he stop spreading hate propaganda through the Internet. The probation conditions stem from his 2017 conviction for spreading anti-Jewish hate propaganda that the trial judge described as "vile and degrading" at sentencing.

"Harry Abrams and B'nai Brith have demonstrated great leadership in holding Arthur Topham accountable for his criminal hate propaganda attacking the Jewish community," says lawyer and CAN Board Member Richard Warman.

Warman worked in cooperation with Abrams and B'nai Brith throughout the case and would like to thank the investigating police officers from the British Columbia integrated hate crimes team noting that "even Arthur Topham describes them as polite and professional - high praise from a criminal hatemonger you're arresting."

Len Rudner, another part of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network team, acted as an expert witness at Topham's trial.

For more on the original case, see: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/curfew-and-internet-ban-for-b-c-man-who-promoted-hatred-against-jewish-people-online-1.4022817

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