Canadian Anti-Hate Network welcomes new board member Kurt Phillips

Kurt Phillips has been anonymously documenting hate groups and neo-Nazi activity on the Anti-Racist Canada blog for over 12 years.

Anti-Racist Canada has been inspirational for those of us involved with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network and it continues to be a trusted resource used by researchers, law enforcement, journalists, and members of the anti-racist community. It has documented everything from infighting to death threats and premeditated violent attacks. Kurt's work has significantly disrupted hate group organizing. He has never been celebrated for this work or asked for credit. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

Now he's joining the Canadian Anti-Hate Network board and will continue his work, some of which will be published on our site and social media accounts moving forward.

Anti-Racist Canada will continue to document and expose hate groups in Canada under new management.

Click here for Kurt's full statement on Anti-Racist Canada.

If you'd like to show solidarity and support for Kurt's tireless work for human rights over the past 12-years, you can email us at [email protected] and we'll pass along your well-wishes.



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