Canadian Forces Fires Sailor Who Arranged For Foreign Illegal Weapons Sales On Iron March

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The Royal Canadian Navy will be moving ahead with releasing a sailor who was found to be advertising the sale of foreign arms deals in a notorious neo-Nazi forum. 

A second review conducted into Sailor 1st Class Boris Mihajlovic has resulted in his release from the Royal Canadian Navy.

Mihajlovic was found to be the moderator on the fascist Iron March forum under the name MOONLORD, as well as a member of the neo-Nazi group Blood and Honour -- since one of the first white power designated terrorist groups in Canada.

According to the navy, the release is the result of a process that began over a year ago. 

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After the publication of a report by Unicorn Riot, Mihajlovic admitted involvement with hate groups. At the time he was a member of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Tecumseh and a regular poster on the now-defunct Iron March. 

A resulting investigation in June 2020 resulting in the decision to allow Mihajlovic to keep his job, however, after a review of the process, the Tecumseh initiated a second review. 

This one would end recommending the member be released.

“We must eliminate racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny and discrimination. We must be inclusive and diverse and create a sense of belonging for all who join and serve in our Navy,” said Commander Royal Canadian Navy, Vice-Admiral Craig Baines, in a statement. 

“I cannot state clearly enough that the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Navy have zero tolerance for racist and discriminatory behaviour in our ranks. Canada is an inclusive and diverse country, and we must strive to ensure that the Forces respect and reflect our nation and its values.”

Mihajlovic, whose Iron March profile included the description “worshiping school shooters,” also encouraged other fascists to join the military, as previously noted by VICE, but he says he wouldn’t follow orders that went against his fascist beliefs and told others that you “can always go AWOL [away without leave] or shoot your CO [commanding officer].”

He says he wants a system collapse, a “cleansing,” and to “re-establish order with extreme violence.

Between March and June 2017, Mihajlovic arranged for an arms deal in Bosnia with “FrenchSoldier,” another forum user who says they are from Marsaille and are looking to buy handguns, assault rifles, and an RPG-7. FrenchSoldier told Mihajlovic, “If I can have such material, the future of France will be changed.”

They made arrangements for a sale of handguns in August and larger weapons in November if everything went well. They may have moved their conversation to another chat platform and it is unclear if the deal went through. However, according to other posts, Mihajlovic was in Bosnia in June when he said he would be checking on the weapons before the deal in August.

Mihajlovic also tried to connect with former soldiers and a trainer in the Azov Battalion in order to set up a US-based private military company that would apply for government contracts in Africa.

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