Canadian Neo-Nazi Gabriel Sohier Chaput Helped Radicalize A Teenager Who Brags About Getting Young Girls To Cut Themselves

Despite his ideological leadership role for this generation of neo-Nazi terrorists, it’s unlikely he’s going to get more than a slap on the wrist from our justice system

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Propaganda written by Montreal man Gabriel Sohier Chaput (aka Zeiger) helped radicalize the 18-year old pro-terror neo-Nazi we just exposed with @AntifaGarfield. Steven Van Zelst Jr (aka Vlood) boasted about preying on teenage girls online. 

"She sent me nudes and then cut herself," he wrote.

Soheir Chaput is currently on trial for the wilful promotion of hate propaganda. Several years ago, Sohier Chaput wrote a piece of neo-Nazi speculative fiction, intended as a piece of radicalizing propaganda. He added it to the reading list on Iron March, the terrorism forum he administered. A then 16-year old Van Zelst Jr from Boston says this story was one of the foundational texts that radicalized him. 

16 year old Van Zelst Jr claims Sohier Chaput's work shaped his worldview. Source: Unicorn Riot

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Sohier Chaput, aka Zeiger, is facing up to a year in prison for s 319(2): the wilful promotion of hate propaganda. He returned to face charges after years in hiding. He’s facing a maximum of one year (on a summary judgement). Given COVID, it’s unlikely he’ll face much if any prison time. 

So to recap, Zeiger administered a terrorist forum with the headline “Gas the K**** Race War Now” and wrote propaganda that radicalized teenagers into terrorist neo-Nazi groups. Iron March legacy groups like Atomwaffen Division and The Base continue to be a significant terrorist threat recognized in several countries. They have committed murders and plotted attacks. Many of their members have been arrested. But despite Zeiger’s ideological leadership role contributing to this modern day neo-Nazi terrorism movement, the most our justice system can muster up for him is a potential slap on the wrist.

Sohier Chaput was exposed after he attended the deadly Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA. The work of Montréal Antifasciste uncovered that he was really an “information technology consultant” living in Montreal.

Sohier Chaput also wrote an argument by argument guide to debating non-fascists about fascism and the need for violence, and he even served as editor for an edition of SIEGE -- James Nolan Mason’s terror manual that advocated for the decentralized cell structure used by many groups today. 

Sohier Chaput/Zeiger served as an administrator for a popular fascist website run by Andrew Anglin. “My site is mainly designed to target children...[age] 11 through teenage years,” Anglin once said on a podcast

"Our goal has to be to give this [ideology] to teenagers and even before teenagers."


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