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The Canadian Nationalist Party is only a few dozen forms away from reaching official party status and getting money from the government

June 27, 2019

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Travis Patron, leader of the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party. Source: Facebook.

The Canadian Nationalist Party is a neo-Nazi party led by Travis Patron, who recently released an anti-Jewish video about the “parasitic tribe” that calls for Jews to be “removed once and for all” from Canada. Another post on their Facebook page promises they have the cure to Jews.

Members of the Canadian Nationalist Party have been active in anti-Muslim and anti-LGBTQ+ demonstrations and were part of the attacks on Pride in Hamilton on June 15th, and part of an assault in Toronto on June 22nd.

The Canadian Nationalist Party has focused much of its hate recently on the LGBTQ+ community:

“A society that celebrates homosexuality is a society that will soon no longer exist. While our government aggressively promotes the Islamization of our country, they are simultaneously using public infrastructure to promote same-sex relations. This is ultimately destructive to our national identity and the long-term viability of our country.

The CNP will defund gay pride parades, remove crosswalks which are being used as a canvas to promote homosexuality, and take down every rainbow flag flying on public buildings.”

They are also explicitly anti-Muslim:

"Sharia law does not belong in Canada," Patron tells the CBC in a May interview, ". . . Muslims follow Sharia law and we do not support Sharia law . . . I haven't ever come across a Muslim that doesn't support Sharia law."

Patron has been holding small events around Canada to sign up members with venues like the University of Toronto and Legion halls often refusing to take, or cancelling, his bookings after being contacted by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network or, more often, by members of the community.

According to the Canada Elections Act, the party has to collect and submit 250 membership declarations. Elections Canada then mails each of those individuals to confirm their declarations

Patron tells the CBC in May that they have 300 members and, according to a June 15th video, Patron is only 37 confirmations away from reaching official party status.

If they become an officially recognized party, donors to the neo-Nazi party will get generous tax reimbursements. If one of their supporters donates $400, the government will reimburse them $300, for example. The government will be de facto funding a neo-Nazi party.

We are therefore calling on Chief Electoral Officer Stéphane Perrault and all elected parties to do everything in their power to prevent the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party from obtaining official status. We believe the Elections Act should be updated to disallow political parties that are fundamentally anti-democratic and anti-Constitutional similar to the system in Germany: Bundesverfassungsgericht - Proceedings For the Prohibition of Political Parties.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network has filed a criminal complaint with the RCMP of Redvers, Saskatchewan on the grounds that we believe that Patron has breached sections 318 (advocating genocide) and/or 319 (wilful promotion of hatred) of the Criminal Code. The text of our criminal complaint can be found below.

The CBC asked Patron about our criminal complaint, and he provided the following written response:

"In order for language to be criminally liable it must be made against an identifiable group," writes Patron. "Speech, such as that shown in the video mentioned, uses parables/parody and therefore it is not made against an identifiable group. The complaint has not met the threshold necessary for charges to be lain."

Patron also tells the CBC reporter that he's not referring to Jews, but to "globalists," a word that doesn't appear once in his video or the accompanying graphic, both of which refer to several common anti-Jewish tropes in identifying the "parasitic tribe." The term 'globalist' is itself commonly used as an anti-Jewish dog-whistle.

This screenshot from 2017 shows Travis Patron liking an anti-Jewish quote by American Nazi Party founder George Lincoln Rockwell on Facebook:

This wasn't a one-time occurrence:

Here Patron likes a call to murder Jagmeet Singh:

For context: "helicopter rides" refers to Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet's practice of having political dissidents murdered by being thrown out of helicopters.

Patron plans to run in the riding of Souris - Moose Mountain in Saskatchewan.


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Canadian Anti-Hate Network Criminal Complaint to Redvers, Saskatchewan RCMP


Please accept this as a formal criminal complaint that Travis PATRON has breached s. 318 (advocating genocide) and/or s. 319 (wilful promotion of hatred) of the Criminal Code through publishing anti-Jewish hate propaganda on both Youtube and Facebook.  It is my understanding that PATRON lives in Redvers, SK and therefore falls within your detachment's jurisdiction.

  1. The Youtube video in question was posted by PATRON on 3 June 2019 and is titled "Beware The Parasitic Tribe".  It is located at the following URL: REDACTED.

In the video, PATRON speaks of the "Parasitic Tribe" which is a common historical reference to Jews - see: 

The Cambridge Guide to Jewish History, Religion and Culture at page 234:

"More common, however, in the age of Darwinism was the tendency to elide linguistic into biological distinctions and to treat nationalities as species or breeds whose populations had evolved distinctive traits over the ages in response to particular natural and historical environments.  On these grounds, Jews were portrayed as a people shaped by their desert origins and their dispersed condition into a calculating, nomadic, and parasitic tribe that could thrive only by attaching itself to a larger and more rooted peoples and, in the process, both exploiting and weakening them."

PATRON refers to the 'parasitic tribe' as being manipulators, infiltrators of the media, "hijacking the central bank", and "infecting the body politic like a parasite", that they profit from our wars (01:15), that they control us, that they are seeking to "eradicate our way of life", that they cannot co-exist with our way of life (01:50), all of which are traditional forms of anti-Jewish hate propaganda. 

What is of greatest concern, however, is PATRON's proposed solution that he states needs to be completed as perhaps the greatest priority:

(01:53+) "What we need to do, perhaps more than anything, is remove these people, once and for all, from our country."

I submit that the call to finality in the words "once and for all" is a call to genocide against the Jewish community.

  1. On 10 June 2019, PATRON posts similar hate messages to his Facebook page again referring to "THE PARASITIC TRIBE" and arguing that his group can provide "THE CURE": IMAGE REDACTED

That his message is understood by his readers as referring to Jews is clear from the fact that the first comment in response to PATRON's post references the anti-Jewish historical forgery the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that alleged a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world.

I note that the Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that posting material in the open to the Internet constitutes publishing it to the world. (Barrick Gold Corp. v. Lopehandia, 2004 CanLII 12938 (ON CA), <> at paragraphs 32-34)

The anti-Jewish hate propaganda found in both these postings by PATRON has already been found to be criminal and constituting the wilful promotion of hatred in the seminal 1990 case of R v Keegstra where the conviction was upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada - see: at the 'facts' section found at pages 713-714.

I appreciate that criminal complaints for advocating genocide and the wilful promotion of hatred are uncommon and thus encourage you to consult with police and prosecutor colleagues who have dealt with such matters in the past as necessary.

I thank you in advance for your consideration of my complaint and invite you to contact me with any question or if further information is required.


Canadian Anti-Hate Network


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