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We are looking for new team members. Successful candidates will have a significant knowledge of the far-right and white supremacist movements and identify as an antifascist and antiracist. 

Our mandate is to counter, monitor, and expose far-right and white supremacist movements, groups, and individuals with every legal, ethical, and reasonable tool at our disposal. 

We believe in a world where nobody, especially members of equity deserving communities, are threatened by far-right movements. We act as a watchdog, collecting and publishing information to prevent Canada’s far-right from organizing uncontested in the shadows. This allows us and others to create roadblocks to far-right movements and blunt the harm they cause.

Our culture is close-knit, inclusive, compassionate, open, and rewarding. We prioritize safety and mental health. We pay a living wage and offer benefits, flexible and in lieu hours, and three weeks paid vacation. 

We especially welcome applications from people from communities targeted and affected by hate. Please let us know if you are fluent in any languages in addition to English. Our work is remote, however at this time we can only consider in-country applicants.

In the course of our work we regularly consume racist, hateful, and threatening content. Successful candidates must also be resilient, know how to prioritize their mental and emotional health, and know to proactively ask for help.

Please let us know if you would benefit from any accommodations in the application process.



Investigator/Reporter ($55,000)

An investigator/reporter monitors the online activity of far-right movements and groups on a daily basis. Their understanding of far-right ideology and rhetoric allows them to join far-right spaces under assumed identities. They can conduct themselves professionally while interviewing far-right organizers, propagandists, and neo-Nazis. Their first responsibility is to be 100% factually accurate, especially when reporting on reprehensible behaviour. They are self-starters who can write two to three stories a week while continuing several investigations and multiple online personas. 

In your application, please demonstrate that you are capable of pseudonymously joining hate groups/channels/chats, submit five writing samples, and pitch two story ideas. 

Are you passionate about this work but don’t think you’re fully qualified yet? Get that experience while pitching us stories at [email protected]. We pay our contributors.


Researcher ($55,000)

A researcher documents, analyses, and reports on trends in the online activity of the far-right movement. They will contribute to quarterly reports making note of emerging trends and a larger annual report. In between these reports, they will author shorter analysis pieces for a general audience. Their research will be as practical as possible and their findings will give useful direction to people and organizations countering the far-right.

In your application, please demonstrate that you have experience writing papers, reports, and collecting and analysing large amounts of data, submit three papers or reports you’ve authored or to which you’ve contributed, and pitch two short (under 3 month) research projects.

Preference will be given to candidates who can demonstrate that they can write succinctly for a general audience. You may also submit up to two non-academic writing samples. 


Education Facilitator ($55,000)

An education facilitator proactively reaches out to school boards, groups of educators, and unions to send them toolkits and other materials and to pitch and book anti-hate workshops. They have a deep understanding of hate groups and white supremacist movements that try to groom and recruit children. They will help educators, parents, and unions diagnose warning signs and offer best-practices-informed suggestions for interventions. They will write at least one piece of content every week, for an educator/parent/student audience, whether that’s a success story, cautionary tale, news article, analysis pieces, or supplementary materials for the toolkit.

In your application, please demonstrate any experience in education, social work/counselling, working with youth, and leading workshops. Please submit two writing samples and, if you have it, a copy of a powerpoint presentation for one of your workshops.

Preference will be given to candidates who are willing to travel (depending on the severity of the covid situation), and persons with experience with at-risk youth populations.



In the future, we may hire a community manager/fundraiser and in-house legal counsel. If you want us to keep you in mind for future positions, please just send us a brief introduction email and your CV.


How To Apply


To apply, please send us an email at [email protected] with the job title in the subject line. 

Please send us 500-800 words in the body of the email describing yourself, why you are an ideal candidate for the position, and why you want to get involved. 

Please attach a short CV and any supplementary materials. (If your supplementary materials are public and published online, you can send us a list of hyperlinks in the body of the email instead of attaching them as files).

There is no fixed deadline for applications. The positions will remain open until we find the right candidates.

We appreciate all of your time and your interest in applying. Given the number of applications we receive, we will only be contacting back the candidates we’ve decided to interview.

But please, don’t be discouraged! If you want to get your work out there, we also pay contributors for stories like reports from the front-lines of counter-demonstrations, research summaries, and timely news about far-right organizing. You can always pitch us at [email protected]


Bella Ciao!

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