Neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau May Be Facing Charges For Threatening His 2SLGBTQ+ Neighbours

Longtime neo-Nazi and white nationalist Kevin Goudreau is facing five charges after his former neighbours say he threatened them because they are a lesbian couple.

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Kevin Goudreau is facing a series of charges for threatening his upstairs neighbours. 

On March 31, neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau went on a protracted rant of threats and slurs outside their shared residence. The couple contacted Canadian Anti-Hate Network board member Richard Warman, who prepared and filed a criminal complaint to the Peterborough police.

According to the couple, an officer called them to let them know that Goudreau is being charged with two counts of uttering threats, two counts of criminal harassment and one count of failing to comply with probation. On April 25, the Peterborough Police issued a press release confirming the charges against Kevin Goudreau. 

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Loud confrontations and rants between Goudreau and others outside were common behaviour from their neighbour, according to one of the complainants. On the night in question, the couple received a text from another person living in the area asking if they were alright. 

Goudreau was reportedly circling the building at this time, shouting expletives, slurs, and threats. 

“After opening a window and hearing the ‘heil Hitlers’ and all that, it turned into like the threats of ‘f****t b*****s, I'm gonna kill you,’” and really aggressive yelling,” one of the victims recalled. 

“It was super intimidating to hear that level of anger and he was picking up things and banging on them. It was just like very uncontrollable anger in his voice.” 

The couple recorded Goudreau and called the police. An officer showed up about 40 minutes later, the couple said, and asked Goudreau to be quiet. 

“The stress was just so hard to us, so terrifying, that night we started looking for a place,” the couple said over the phone. They have since left, fortunate enough to secure a new apartment and vacate the unit in just over a week. 

Goudreau is most recognizable for the large swastika tattoo he wears on his chest. A transcript of the video taken by the couple includes numerous white power slogans and slurs, as well as threats of violence. 

“You’re dead. You fucking queer f*****s. I’ll kick your fucking teeth in, just wait,” a portion of the transcript reads.

“I’m gonna kick the fuck outta you,” he added moments later. “Sieg heil. White power.” 

When reached for comment Goudreau denied that the statements were directed at his neighbours, and instead at individuals who were breaking into his truck.

"There was and is no basis for charges this is political nothing happened except I yelled at some [drug users] that I have yelled at before for trying to break into my truck and stealing stuff out of my porch," he told the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.


Führer In His Own Mind


Goudreau founded (and is the only known member) of the Canadian Nationalist Front and has been an active member of the far-right, neo-Nazi, and skinhead scenes in Canada since at least 1993. His track record, even among his peers, has been less than stellar.

Some of the earliest available photos of him from this time show a teenaged Goudreau bloodied after a violent confrontation with alleged members of the Hammerskin Nation

The CNF goals, according to a blog run by Goudreau, is to “preserve our heritage,culture and traditional values by reforms to reflect our true Canadian core identity,” while calling for a “moratorium on all immigration,stopping third world immigration,a new immigration policy for a return to Canada's traditional ethnic demographics of Euro-Canadian pioneer settlers and Natives.”

Most recently, he made headlines for a series of social media posts in 2019 that encouraged people to murder members of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, journalists, and government workers. The police chose not to press charges. CAHN applied for, and was granted, a peace bond. Goudreau was instructed to remain at least 200 metres away from Warman and other CAHN board members for 12 months.

In 2017, Goudreau organized an anti-immigration rally in Peterborough. While granted a permit by the city, only a handful of supporters showed up to attend. Goudreau was not among them.  

Who did show up, however, were reportedly upwards of 250 counter demonstrators.


Kevin Goudreau did not respond to a request for comment by time of writing.

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