CJN: Unveiling Canada's Biggest Jewish Facebook Page

The operator of the Facebook Page Never Again Canada tells the Canadian Jewish News it's not their responsibility to moderate the page, which is full of anti-Muslim posts, comments, and debunked news stories. In fact, it is their legal responsibility, according to Richard Warman, Canadian Anti-Hate Network board member and human rights lawyer.

From the Canadian Jewish News article:

The Facebook page Never Again Canada "is by far the largest-reaching and fastest-growing Canadian Jewish page on Facebook, with more followers than B’nai Brith Canada, the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, UJA Federation of Canada, the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee and The Canadian Jewish News combined . . .

The majority [of posts] – 33 per cent – conveyed negative news about Muslims and Muslim-majority countries, while 13 per cent condemned everyday instances of anti-Semitism around the world, such as vandalism and public harassment.

Other recurring topics did not explicitly relate to anti-Semitism: derogatory posts about European migrants, political correctness and free speech comprised 22 per cent, while six per cent promoted federal and provincial Conservative party agendas, or attacked Canada’s mainstream media. Emotionally uplifting posts – often pro-Israel or hopeful interfaith messages – made up another six per cent . . .

'There’s definitely legal responsibility there,' [Warman] says, noting a court precedent that found those kinds of disclaimers invalid. He adds that as the page’s creator, Shomer bears a legal responsibility to 'only create something you feel you can properly administer.'

In order for NAC to be legally prosecuted, Warman says that an extremist would need to commit a hate crime and there would need to be clear evidence that the person was inspired by NAC.

That hypothetical inched toward reality in March, when police investigated NAC administrator Sandra Solomon for visiting multiple Mississauga, Ont., mosques, where she tore up pages of the Qur’an and harassed local Muslims."

Full story: http://www.cjnews.com/news/canada/inside-canada-biggest-jewish-facebook-group

In response to the Canadian Jewish News Story, Never Again Canada posted an acknowledgement of the issue, a statement that "anti-Muslim incitement is . . . morally wrong (and illegal)," and an appeal to their followers to "drown out the voices of the minority who are indifferent as to whether their bigoted comments undermine our overall mission." The full statement can be found on the NAC Facebook Page. 


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