Convoy And Occupation Organizer Tamara Lich Denied Bail According To Reports

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Tamara Lich, an organizer and public face for the “Freedom Convoy” and Ottawa occupation has been denied bail. 

Ontario Court Justice Julie Bourgeois handed down the decision on Tuesday, according to CTV reporter Glen McGregor.

Lich was arrested on the evening of February 17 in Ottawa. According to the Ottawa Police Service, she was charged with " Counselling to commit the offence of mischief." Shortly after her arrest, pictures and video of the incident began circulating on a variety of social media platforms, including groups for a similar upcoming convoy in the United States.

Born in Saskatchewan, Lich now hails from Medicine Hat, Alberta, where she served as an organizer for Yellow Vests Canada, a regional coordinator for the separatist Western Exit or “Wexit” movement in Alberta, and until the convoy began, was the secretary for the Maverick Party – another separatist movement and fringe political party. Throughout the course of the "Freedom Convoy," Lich has appeared alongside Benjamin "B.J." Dichter,  Chris Barber, and other organizers at press conferences.

Pat King, another major figure in the capital protests, is also scheduled to hear the count's decision on his bail today.

He is facing charges of Mischief, Counselling to Mischief Counselling to Disobey a Court Order, and Counselling to Obstruct Police.

This story is developing and will be updated accordingly.

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