Montreal Gazette: Efforts to unmask key neo-Nazis makes waves

"Days after that podcast was released, the hosts followed their own advice — deleting all of their podcasts from the sites on which they were hosted, and deleting their accounts on social media and various hate forums. Then, on May 16, Vice Canada and the Canadian Anti-Hate Network claimed to have revealed the identity of one of the podcast hosts."

"Panic about being identified is visible on various far-right forums. The Right Stuff, a neo-Nazi podcast network whose forum Balgord describes as the principle platform of communication for the alt-right in Canada, made its forum private. Previously, anyone — even without an account — could view the forums. This was changed so that the forums could only be viewed by users with accounts. The free-account option was also removed, effectively moving the entire forum behind a paywall.

The effects of these changes reach beyond the internet. Balgord said that individuals such as Zeiger, along with having a high profile online, 'vouch for other members in the movement, which would allow for those members to become trusted and be welcomed into both online and off-line networks.'

As a result, he said, the journalists and anti-fascists who exposed Zeiger and others like him “disrupted the alt-right neo-Nazis’ ability to spread hate propaganda and to organize in real life.”"

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