Far-right groups are holding two demonstrations in Toronto this weekend

On Saturday September 8th, PEGIDA is holding a demonstration behind Old City Hall.

PEGIDA, an anti-Muslim group, isn’t militant or physically dangerous itself. However, their rallies tend to attract more militant and violent far-right groups. Assaults, the majority of which are started by members of far-right groups, are commonplace at events of this kind.

Fifty people have RSVPd on Facebook, including members of the Soldiers of Odin, Wolves of Odin, Worldwide Coalition Against Islam, Jewish Defence League, Northern Guard, and several members of the Proud Boys.

Toronto anti-racist and anti-fascist activists are holding a counter-demonstration.


On Sunday September 9th, the Canadian Combat Coalition (C3) is holding a demonstration at Danforth and Logan, which they say is for the victims of terrorism.

The Jewish Defence League has been promoting the event, though fewer than 40 people have RSVPd. The Canadian Combat Coalition has been unpopular among the far-right of late, with groups like La Meute claiming C3 are Nazis because Kevin Goudreau, a neo-Nazi with a swastika tattoo on his chest, has been welcome at their demonstrations.

Toronto anti-racist and anti-fascist activists are holding a counter-demonstration to this event as well.


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A Parti Québécois candidate with alleged ties to anti-Muslim group La Meute won’t be allowed by the PQ to run after a social media post saying Islam should be “banned like pit bulls” came to light.

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The Edmonton chapter of the Soldiers of Odin, a militant anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant group founded in Finland by a self-identifying neo-Nazi convicted of racially motivated assault, failed at a public relations stunt to give granola bars and water bottles to the poor in the face of community opposition. For context, doing charitable works to try to improve their image is a common tactic of hate groups. Meanwhile, a labour organization was holding a BBQ and giving out free meals only a few blocks away. 

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Fredericton shooter alleged to have murdered two police officers and two others holds anti-Muslim views, gets his news online and from Rebel Media.

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