Freedom Convoy Organizer Identifies Herself as a “White Nationalist” in Conference Call With Neo-Nazis

In the recording, Bethan Nodwell denied the Holocaust, remarked how her relationship with her Jewish business partner with Trinity Productions had become strained, and claimed that “white identitarianism is inevitable.” 

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Bethan Nodwell/Twitter

Over a public audio call on X, formerly Twitter, one of the owners of Trinity Productions agreed with and voiced her own questions about the Holocaust, self-identified as a white nationalist, and said she would ask a major European far-right media figure to start “naming the Jew.”

Bethan Nodwell is one of three directors of Trinity Productions, a promotions and event planning company that previously hosted multiple Canadian speaking tours for Christine Anderson, a Member of the European Parliament for Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative For Germany, AfD), and Dutch legal scholar and far-right polemic Eva Vlaardingerbroek. 

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Nodwell has enjoyed a measure of media notoriety after allegedly serving as a stage manager and organizer during the 2022 “Freedom Convoy” blockade protests in Ottawa. She’s been quoted by major media outlets about the protests and appeared on the podcast of Tammy Peterson, Jordan Peterson’s wife. 

Previously a nurse in Wakefield, Quebec, Nodwell told Peterson she quit her job as the vaccine for COVID and face masks became mandatory for healthcare workers. Billing herself as part of the broad “Freedom Movement,” Nodwell founded Trinity Productions with Stacey Kauder and Judy Stinson. 

A copy of the nearly four-hour recording was provided to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) by antifascist researchers the Red Table Collective, which also posted audio clips to X

Bethan was listening in on an X Spaces call—an audio-only publicly shared call held on the platform—when Diagolon live streamer, Alex Vriend, invited her to speak. While the initial conversation focused on whether Nodwell could convince Vlaardingerbroek to “name the Jews,” she referred to a previous interview between Vriend and white nationalist Red Ice host Henrik Palmgren where he stated that “everyone moves at their own pace” when adopting their worldview. 

“Naming the Jew” is a phrase used typically by the far-right to indicate calling out what they believe to be the hidden influence of Jewish people on most major world events from globalization to the COVID-19 vaccination, and more. It draws from antisemitic theories of global Jewish plots subverting Western culture and encourages believers to call out Jewish people publicly, especially in media. 

“I feel like this is the advanced class. You know? So I just feel that many people in this group and in this tribe are well-advanced in these conversations, and I still feel like I have a lot of catching up to do,” Nodwell told the listeners. 

When pressed further by what she meant by tribe, Nodwell added she meant the “Diagolon tribe, the white nationalist tribe.”

Nodwell then says that she’s rooting for Vlaardingerbroek, but that “she might not catch up” before telling Vriend she will pass on the message for him.

Others on the call also claimed to be members of the Goyim Defense League, a primarily US-based neo-Nazi organization, known for its extremely antisemitic publicity stunts. Others self-identified as “NatSocs,” short for National Socialists, or used account names that made use of neo-Nazi phrases or dog whistles. Nodwell didn’t speak on the hours-long Spaces until the end. Earlier in the call, one participant was shouted out of the chat after revealing he had a Jewish wife. Multiple speakers on the call are openly affiliated with the Diagolon network. 

One of the three founders of Trinity Productions, Stacey Kauder, is a Jewish woman. Nodwell can be heard on the recording lamenting that things had become difficult with her business partner. 

“If they've lied about everything else, just maybe entertain the fact that they've lied about World War 2, and maybe Anne Frank's story wasn't real,” she said. “That's a really hard one to get by people. What if that wasn't fucking true? Like, you know, there's so many stories. The guy who wrote Night, Elie Wiesel (an author and Holocaust survivor), maybe he was a liar?”

“I feel like I'm half in the enemy camp,” Nodwell said of their relationship. “My business partner's Jewish, and so, like, it's really hard to have these conversations. But she's a Jew and I'm a white nationalist.”

She added later, “I think white identitarianism is inevitable” and questioned the shape of the movement “forging ahead of our new character and putting ourselves forward in a different way.” 

“I hope it doesn't end up violently, but all arrows seem to be pointing in that direction.”

In a response to a request for comment from CAHN, Nodwell was explicit that she does not deny the Holocaust, but “questions every narrative” since being “told lies that the vaccines were safe and effective.”

“I suppose since COVID, I do question everything. I question the moonlanding. I question (Artificial Intelligence). I question the future we are headed towards. I think it's important to question it all, even taboo subjects,” she wrote in response.

She did not deny being a white nationalist, saying that she is “a nationalist and I am white. I love my country and her people more than I love other countries and their people. I am very concerned with the consequences [of] mass migration.”

Addressing her comments about violence, Nodwell characterized herself as “anti-war.”

“I do not support the military-industrial complex to continue to profit from various global conflicts. I am horrified with images of Jewish hostages and I am horrified with images of dead Palestinian children. I do not support the conflict in Ukraine and Russia either- it has only lead to piles of dead bodies on both sides.”

She added later “I think mass immigration and leftist contempt towards white people will inevitably lead to conflict.”

Nodwell also runs a very active X account, where she frequently uses the hashtag “#TheyHaveToGoBack,” typically when sharing negative news stories or media about immigration. In a repost of a video showing Black men involved in a shooting of an unarmed victim, she added the caption “We cannot coexist.” 

In another post from April, Nodwell writes, “doesn’t look like black and whites can co-exist peacefully.”

In a repost by a member of a British far-right political party stating “I want my Britain back,” Nodwell added the comment “You can have it back but it’s going to be a fight. A big one.” 

Other posts lament “far-left communists who support mass immigration” and repeatedly calls for pro-Palestinian protesters to be deported or sent to the Gaza strip. 

“Hire a charter. Fly them to Gaza,” she wrote in one November 2023 post.


A screencapture of one of Bethan Nodwell’s posts on X, formerly Twitter. Source: Twitter.  


Trinity Productions has been behind the scenes on Anderson’s tours of Canada and is currently promoting concerts in Calgary, AB, and St. Catharines, ON, featuring 2022 convoy organizer Tamara Lich. 

According to the company’s website, Trinity Productions was founded in 2022 when the founders travelled to Europe as “Canadian ambassadors” to connect Canada with “European allies of the Freedom Movement.”

During this trip, the organizers reported meeting Christine Anderson, resulting in the MEP’s first Canadian tour titled, “What Would Christine Anderson Do?”

During one of these speaking tours in February 2023, Nodwell and Kauder attended a lunch held between Anderson and several Conservative Members of Parliament. Party leader Pierre Poilievre later called Anderson’s views “vile” and said the three MPs who attended were not aware of her views. 

CAHN has reached out to Trinity Productions and Stacey Kauder for comment but did not hear back by time of publication. If a comment is received, we will update accordingly.

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