“Medical Freedom” Group Tells Supporters To Disrupt School Board Appointment Process

Members are encouraged to apply for the open school board trustee regardless of “whether or not you want the position.”

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: WRDSB

Members of an Ontario COVID conspiracy community group are sharing plans to disrupt an appointment process for school board trustees. 

With a new election estimated to be too costly at upwards of $500,000, the Waterloo Region District School Board is opting to fill two trustee positions by appointing them. Besides considering another election, some community members advocated for having the position filled by the initial vote’s runners-up.

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Since then, a small online group, calling itself Waterloo Region for Medical Freedom (WRMF), is aiming to disrupt the appointment process. WRMF began as a series of anti-vaccine social media accounts, the earliest postings appearing on Instagram in September 2021. It has since shifted to focus primarily on pro-2SLGBTQ+ policies in schools. 

While members of the group were able to delegate during meetings to decide on how to choose new trustees – WRMF preferred those who came in second during the election to fill the empty seats – the group's leadership is endorsing a new tactic when it comes to opposing the appointment process: disruption. 

“A WRMF email just went out this morning. This one you won't want to miss, especially if you have a slightly mischievous side,” the administrator of the group Tim Petrovic wrote on Telegram. 

Canadian Anti-Hate Network has obtained a copy of the email, which asks “every member of WRMF and your networks” to apply for the seat “whether or not you want the position.” 

“You can use Chat GTP to write up an application, and you can make it as ‘woke’ or conservative as you want,” the email, signed b, reads. “The more applicants there are, the more it gums up the process and exposes the WRDSB as the incompetent bumbling idiots that they are. There is also a chance that one or two good applicants make it through this process if we all rush the fence.”

Applicants will be asked to answer three questions and then distributed to the school board. Those who are selected to move on to the next stage of the process will be allowed to make a five-minute presentation to the board. 

The board will make the final decision by secret ballot. 

“You could lecture the board on how wrong this process was, use the opportunity to speak your mind, tell them how they should have done this, sit there in silence, or turn it into drag queen story hour (ha),” Petrovic wrote. “There is certainly no obligation to take this undemocratic process seriously, although you of course can if you wish.”

The decision to use the appointment process over a second vote or fill the seat with a runner-up was made on May 29, in a six to three vote by trustees. 

The WRDSB declined to comment on the appointment process, though a representative added, "Our hope is that any candidate would apply because they want to support public education and ensure student achievement and well-being."

The trustee positions became vacant on the 11-member board after Trustee Fred Meissner died and Marie Snyder resigned. The role will be filled by June 28.


Canadian Anti-Hate Network has reached out to Tim Petrovic but did not receive a comment by time of publication. If a response is received, we will update accordingly.

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