How Canadian Hate Groups Are Reacting To George Floyd Protests

How Canadian Hate Groups Are Reacting To George Floyd Protests

As in the United States, we need to be on the lookout for members of hate groups infiltrating the protests


June 2, 2020

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

May 31st rally against police violence in Vancouver, BC. Source: Suzie King / Ricochet Media.

Today marks a week of protests in the United States following the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Protests in solidarity have brought out tens of thousands of demonstrators in cities across Canada.

Stickers from the UK-based white-supremacist propaganda group Hundred Handers were put up near where Regis Korchinski-Paquet died. Her mother alleges Toronto police are responsible for her daughter’s death. Proud Boys posted photographs of the sticker campaign to their Telegram.

Neo-Nazi Tomas Liko watched the #JusticeForRegis demonstration in Toronto wearing his Skrewdriver shirt. Skrewdriver is one of the most infamous neo-Nazi bands, with lyrics like “if you see this n*****, kick him in the f****** head.” Its front-man founded Blood and Honour, a terrorist group. Liko was confronted and ran off. 

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Canadian hate groups regularly attach themselves to the most heated issue of the day, whether that’s opposing Wet'suwet'en solidarity demonstrations and threatening to kill demonstrators, spreading COVID-19 conspiracy theories, or the Floyd protests.

We’re seeing conspiracy theories in groups like the Canadian Combat Coalition alleging that the murder was staged by crisis actors, that the protests aren’t organic and a result of hundreds of years of anti-Black racism, but rather directed by ‘globalist’ forces and Antifa, or that this is the left starting a race war.

“Stop this BLM bullshit the government is trying to create mass rioting so they can involve the military its all about CONTROL,” writes Jim Mannila on the Yellow Vests Canada page.

They are frustrated that their demonstrations never attract nearly as many people.

Some anti-government types within the hate groups are dismissing any racial factor to the murder, instead framing the the demonstrations as being generally against a corrupt police and a corrupt system and thereby appropriating the demonstrations as aligned with their anti-government values.

Many are praising Donald Trump for calling anti-fascists terrorists. “Can we have Trump as PM please?,” writes Greyson Wolfe on a Wexit (western seperatist) Facebook page.

Canadian Conservative Party leadership candidate Derek Sloan likewise promised to designate anti-fascists as terrorists.

Conspiracy vlogger Dan Dicks, formerly attached to the anti-lockdown demonstrations, tweeted that he would be “covering one of these antifa, I mean terrorist organizations rallies later today in Vancouver.” He later acts offended that he was unwelcome. He was surrounded, and asked to leave. Eventually he was escorted away by a police officer.

Donald Smith, a notorious Vancouver doxxer of anti-racists and anti-fascists, went to take photos of demonstrators.

The Proud Boys are celebrating a man in Brampton Ontario who was caught on video tearing down a Black Lives Matter sign and throwing it in the trash.

Faith Goldy, a self-proclaimed “propaganda arm” for the alt-right neo-Nazi movement, says George Floyd got what he deserved, as did Trayvon Martin and other Black people killed by police. Ultimately, however, she believes it’s all orchestrated: “Blacks on this chessboard are all pawns, being corralled by masters of strategy in government, media, and the Satanic orgs which seek to subvert and control our civilization - who, lets face it, aren’t Black.”

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