Jeremy Mackenzie Agrees To A Peace Bond In Saskatchewan Assault Case

After being accused of pointing a firearm at one individual and assaulting another, MacKenzie has agreed to a peace bond in exchange for a staying of the charges.

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Jeremy MacKenzie has agreed to a peace bond in relation to charges the live streamer and accelerationist influencer picked up in Saskatchewan. The four charges have been stayed as a result. 

Charges against the 37-year-old included one count of assault, one count of pointing a firearm, one count of using a restricted weapon in a careless manner, and one count of mischief. 

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MacKenzie declined to respond to a request for comment through his lawyer, but told iPolitics last year he was not in Saskatchewan during the time an alleged “shooting party” took place—the supposed source of the charges.

He added that “a lunatic on a vendetta” is behind the allegations.

When charges are stayed, they are essentially placed on hold, and can be revisited at a later date if the crown chooses—as opposed to withdrawn, which means the charges can not be brought forward again.

“I can confirm that he did enter into a peace bond and the four charges were then stayed,” Saskatoon Prosecutor Andrew Clements reportedly told SaskToday. He added that there are no related future dates in either the provincial court or the court of King’s Bench.

“A prosecution can only proceed where there is a reasonable likelihood of conviction on the offence(s) charged and where it is in the public interest to use the criminal justice system to address the matter,” the provincial Ministry of Justice and Attorney General said in an email, according to the Saskatoon StarPhoenix

“Here, the situation changed to the extent it was no longer appropriate to prosecute the charges and (a) peace bond became a just resolution.”

A copy of the peace bond has been obtained by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, though the case is still subject to a publication ban. 

The alleged victim of the assault has not recanted and maintains the allegations.

The case stems from an incident alleged to have taken place in 2021. MacKenzie was arrested on a Canada-wide warrant and transported to Saskatchewan until eventually being released on bail in November 2022. 

"Saskatoon RCMP received a report in March 2022 of an assault that occurred in November 2021 in the Rural Municipality of Viscount in Saskatchewan," Saskatchewan RCMP told the Canadian Anti-Hate Network in a previous statement.

MacKenzie recently also had a charge in Nova Scotia of reckless use of a firearm withdrawn after agreeing to a peace bond, though he still faces 12 more charges relating to an incident in Pictou, according to the CBC

The RCMP began an investigation after a video recorded in Whycocomagh, N.S. allegedly showing him waving around a handgun was posted to Instagram. After a search of his home, law enforcement reported seizing firearms, body armour, and prohibited magazines.

The former member of the Canadian Armed Forces is also facing harassment and mischief charges related to a March 2022 protest outside the home of the province’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Robert Strang.

Other charges from the same incident include intimidation of a health professional and making harassing phone calls. Another individual, Morgan May Guptill, a COVID-conspiracy activist and MacKenzie’s partner, has been charged with the same offences. 

In February, at least two members of the Diagolon community were among those arrested in Coutts, Alberta during the region’s border blockades. The RCMP alleges that a cache of firearms and body armour seized during the arrests were intended to be used against law enforcement if they attempted to disrupt the protests. 

All four men are still awaiting trial. 

“The group was said to have a willingness to use force against the police if any attempts were made to disrupt the blockade,” Alberta RCMP wrote in a press release. “This resulted in an immediate and complex investigation to determine the extent of the threat and criminal organization.”

Police note seizing 13 long guns, an unspecified number of handguns, multiple sets of body armour, high-capacity magazines, and a machete. One set of the pictured armour displays the white and black flag of Diagolon and MacKenzie previously appeared in a picture with Chris Lysak, one of the men charged in the plot to attack police. 

"I was made aware someone unknown to us was handing them out (patches). I have no idea who they belong to," MacKenzie told CAHN at the time when reached for comment. "Our guy that makes and sells them sent them all over the country to anybody that wanted them, they could literally have come from anywhere. That's the truth."

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