Jeremy Mackenzie Tells His Followers To “Accelerate,” There’s A “Race War” In America, Calls For Violence Against Journalists, Parliament In Latest Livestream

”This is the media’s baby. They built and supported it, and pushed for this race war, this civil war. They wanted it, this was their idea. It’s only fair that they be involved in the violence.”

Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Jeremy MacKenzie/Telegram

Racist Plaid Army vlogger Jeremy “Raging Dissident” Mackenzie spent Wednesday evening screaming over his livestream about burning Parliament down. He also claimed that America has entered a race war, blamed the media, and repeatedly said people should be hanged. 

All this started as he had trouble navigating the multiple platforms that still allow him to broadcast. The rant began with a comment about being the victim of denial of service (DDoS) attacks and drew nearer to calls for violence.

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“I’m constantly being DDoSed and fucked with,” he said during the opening to his livestream. “I’m this close to deciding, you know what, let's just burn everything down. Let’s just go to Parliament Hill and burn it down. Let’s just burn all of it down. Because they don’t care anymore. This is how life is going to be is it? It is going to be this difficult and irritating every which way you turn you’re going to have difficulty, fucked with. 

“You’re the wrong skin colour for starters. You’re white, so that’s bad.”

Broadcasting from a new YouTube channel after being banned on his previous account, the episode titled “STEP ON THE GAS, ACCELERATE,” drew from the variety of themes familiar to regular watchers of his program. 

These included references to what he called the “slow genocide,” and discussion of current events like the recent protests outside of Edmonton, Alberta, at the GraceLife Church

Police, reportedly enforcing a court order, erected a fence around the property after congregants continued to defy provincial lockdown orders. The event served as a rallying point for a variety of hate spreaders who showed up to protest the forced closure of the house of worship. The church initially welcomed support, but footage from the days before and during the protest showed congregants asking for civility. 

When the crowd of protesters attempted to pull down the fence, some demonstrators objected. Others reportedly even helping reassemble the barrier. 

Mackenzie did not take kindly to this reaction. 

“We can all observe it and see it happening and feel powerless about it,” he said about the incident. “The few people who decide to do anything as harmless as tearing down a fence get shouted down by their cucked compatriots that want to protect the tyranny fence. You want to be peaceful to a government that sent armed cops and guns and extra ammunition, tear gas grenades, tear gas launchers, and gas masks to a church protest.”

Next, he invokes the spectre of the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas. A group of religious fundamentalists living in a compound, led by alleged serial sexual abuser David Koresh. An attempt to serve a warrant for illegal gun parts devolved into a 51-day armed standoff. Actions by both Koresh and the incredibly aggressive tactics of the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are all believed to have contributed to the deaths of over 80 people, including children.

“You want to be peaceful with people like that. They’re not peaceful, they will kill you,” he said turning the conversation towards Waco. “You know what happened to a church in the United State that resisted the state? They burned them alive, shot the women and children with machine guns and snipers, and used demolitions on them and fire and poison gas. Ran them over with tanks and everything. 

“Fantastic, but be peaceful as you’re being massacred, as the slow-motion genocide continues.”

It’s then that he invokes a mantra of right-wing accelerationism.

“Accelerate, accelerate, there’s no way out. This is going to come to total shit, so let’s just get it over with. If you’re going to be in a fight, hit first, Vladimir Putin said that.” 

Source: Jeremy MacKenzie/YouTube

Calls to accelerate what is seen as the inevitable collapse of society is a common theme in groups that hold an accelerationist worldview. The ideology began as an obscure academic philosophy about the combined futures of technology and society, but has become much more well known for updated racialized versions eventually adopted by groups like The Base and Atomwaffen Division. Ultimately, this stripe of accelerationism believes through destabilization and undermining public institutions and trust, the coming racial civil war can be sped up, leading to societal collapse.

“There’s no getting out of this, it's unavoidable. It’s already started,” he added later in his stream. “There’s a race war happening in America, did you not know? Did you not know that’s what happens. You might just get killed going somewhere because you’re a white person in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yeah, isn’t that nice. Good job media, thank you so much.”

His disdain for the media, another common theme on the show, is laid bare. 

Telling followers that “politely” declining to speak with the media is “not the right attitude,” he takes a much harder stance. 

“The attitude you should have is you’re wearing an outlaws patch and you walk into a [Hells Angels] bar. ‘You’re in the wrong fucking place. You need to leave now, you understand.’ That’s how it should be.

“And if that doesn’t get their attention, take their camera and throw it in the goddamn lake. Fucking fuck up their vehicles, I don’t care. They don’t work for you, they work for the state. Their entire purpose is to make you look ridiculous and insane. Don’t bother with them, don’t engage with them. Chase them out, ‘get out,’ that’s what they deserve.” 

In reaction to other reporting on a medical program focusing on people of colour, he was more explicit. 

“Both these people, hang them,” he says pointing to two photos of doctors featured in the offending article. 

In the over three hour livestream, Mackenzie repeatedly alluded to committing violence against journalists, told his followers not to speak with them, and blamed them for his conception of the “race war.”

“This is the media’s baby. They built and supported it, and pushed for this race war, this civil war. They wanted it, this was their idea. It’s only fair that they be involved in the violence. They do all the work setting it up and they don’t even get to play. I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t think they should be left out. That’s bigotry really. To exclude the media from all the destruction. Because they did most of the work to set it up. It only makes sense that they should receive some of the dividends of their labour.” 

Mackenzie has not to our knowledge ever identified as an accelerationist, or expressed support for groups that do. Instead, he’s content to trade in their rhetoric. Other episodes included him showing off his hard copy of Devon Stack’s “Day of the Rope,” a modernized version of “The Turner Diaries,” by neo-Nazi William Luther Pierce. Both books commonly appear on neo-Nazi reading lists. 

In previous live streams with Matthew Murray Copeland and another vlogger in January, Mackenzie took aim at women in relationships with non-white men, and what he sees as the propaganda of interracial porn.

According to reporting by ARC Collective, on Twitter, he has also claimed "You can't vote your way out of this...the only viable solutions are illegal and I'd be jailed publicly for saying them.”

In the same report, audio can be heard of Mackenzie discussing the book Day of the Rope.

When a commenter said that the book had been banned, Mackenzie stopped the conversation and said “This is a great book; what a piss off. Check this book out if you can find it.” 

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