Tell Danielle Smith: Hands Off Trans Kids

If you make a $3 or larger donation on this page we will send a physical letter on your behalf to Danielle Smith to oppose her dangerous plan to take away and limit medical care, support, and education for young transgender and 2SLGBTQ+ Albertans.

Your $3 will help us cover the cost of printing and mailing the letter.

We are going to stuff these letters for you - one by one - because Danielle Smith's office is going to have to open each envelope and save each letter and there will be physical proof that people who care about transgender and 2SLGBTQ+ people, and equality in healthcare and education, condemn her dangerous plan for young people.

The content of the letter will be the same as the emails that we're sending here



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The Canadian Anti-Hate Network’s mandate is to counter, monitor, and expose far-right movements, groups, and individuals that spread mis-/disinformation and harbour racism and other forms of hate using every legal, ethical, and reasonable tool at our disposal.

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We believe in creating a Canada in which people uplift and defend each other so that the far-right will never gain a foothold.

Until that day comes, we believe in doing everything ethical and within our power to prevent the far-right from growing, hurting people, organizing against human rights, and seizing power.

We believe that factual reporting exposing far-right intentions and organizing is a necessary component to stopping the far-right - we are proud to fill that role.

We will not let the far-right erode democracy and make their perceived enemies, especially people in equity-deserving communities, feel unsafe in Canada.

Anybody is welcome in our pro-democracy and anti-hate space, regardless of political affiliation, who shares these values and envisions a future free from hate.

As a nonprofit rather than a charitable organization, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network cannot offer tax receipts. 



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