The Canadian Anti-Hate Network monitors, researches, and counters hate groups by providing education and information on hate groups to the public, media, researchers, courts, law enforcement, and community groups.

This work is more necessary than ever.

There are over 130 active right-wing extremist groups in Canada. Most explicitly target our Muslim and Jewish neighbours, but extreme misogyny, anti-LGBTQ+, hatred towards people of colour, Indigenous peoples, those who are differently able, and other forms of bigotry are extremely prevalent in these groups. Many of these groups aspire to violence or have already carried out harassment and assaults. Alexandre Bissonnette, pumped up with anti-Muslim paranoia and alt-right propaganda, murdered six Muslim men at prayer in Canada’s first attack at a place of worship.

The people of Canada have, time and time again, defeated street-level hate movements. In the 90s, Anti-Racist Action stood up to white supremacists across Canada while community groups like the Canadian Jewish Congress battled neo-Nazis in the courts. For over a decade the volunteer-driven blog Anti-Racist Canada (ARC), has been Canada’s best resource on hate groups. We are proud to have the support of ARC to continue and expand on their work as we build a professional organization to continuously monitor and counter hate groups, like the Southern Poverty Law Center does in the United States.

Our work has already had an impact. Working with VICE Canada, we’ve exposed two of the hosts of Canada’s largest alt-right neo-Nazi podcast, which claimed thousands of listeners. As a result of our investigations, they deleted all 90 episodes of the podcast and their forum accounts. The largest public forum used by the alt-right in North America has gone private. That means less radicalization and recruitment. They’re trying to regroup.

We’re doing workshops for educators, law enforcement, and community organizations on the threat of the new far-right. We’re a resource for dozens of journalists and we’re providing evidence to law enforcement - specifically about hate groups and their members - for their investigations.

In the coming weeks and on an ongoing basis we’ll be publishing profiles of hate groups in Canada, including what statements and actions have earned them the label. This will be the first of many resources we will publish for the public, media, law enforcement, and community groups. 

We need your help to continue this work and hire researchers and investigators to expose, contain, and dismantle hate groups in Canada.

Please support our work.

Thank you