Meet Paul: Vicious Neo-Nazi Serial Harasser, Flight Instructor, And Senior Member Of Atomwaffen Division Splinter Group

Antifascist activists have exposed notorious neo-Nazi "Revived" as Florida man Paul Joseph Landolt. 

By Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

A neo-Nazi serial harasser with a propensity for violence and senior member of the Atomwaffen Division splinter group Fashlash has been identified by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network as a private flight instructor out of North Perry Airport in Hollywood, Florida.

Revived is actually Paul Joseph Landolt of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Landolt claims to be a veteran and recently led the targeted harassment of another neo-Nazi.

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No known photos of Landolt’s face have been located, but based on publicly available biographical data, he is a 29-year-old white male who appears to live with his parents. Landolt took the extra step of removing images of his residence from some internet maps services.

Much of his background is unknown, but statements from Landolt infer he may have held racist beliefs since his youth.

"I had classmates who got literally murdered in drivebys," he said in December. "It made me even more mad that despite that n****r being dead, I still had to see their ugly n****r faces on peoples T-shirts."

While unsubstantiated, Landolt earns himself social credit among his peers by claiming to be a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and the war in Afghanistan. The validity of these claims has not been verified, despite an abundance of detailed and grizzly war stories, tales of torture, and extreme violence. 

"I'm the one here who actually interrogated and [knows] what fits the legal definition of torture," he wrote.

These spaces are often filled with braggarts who will lie to one another as readily as they will to an outsider. Sometimes to deliberately mislead, other times just for the lulz. Landolt is no exception, so his claims have to be taken with a grain of salt.

In NSLS, he boasts about walking the streets of his suburb wearing a Swastika emblazoned ring, fielding regular visits from US federal law enforcement, and posts photos of his latest firearm -- an AR-15 he built himself. 

Source: Screen capture taken from encrypted messaging app.

“Night fighter is complete,” he wrote in September 2020. 


Tracking a Neo-Nazi 


Now, Landolt has been identified through posts, pictures, and a plane registry number associated with an aircraft registered to his father stored at North Perry Airport. He also laughed about living a block away from the site of a historical lynching.

"My FAA medical examiner who tells me stories about how they used to lynch n*****s here," he said.

His most recent harassment campaign against online streaming troll Paul Miller involved Landolt filming video outside what he believes to be Miller’s property in Florida. In chat rooms dedicated to pursuing Miller, Landolt flexes his detailed knowledge of the area, recognizing the locations of stores in the background of Miller’s videos around Fort Lauderdale.

“Hello Paul Miller, this is Revived from Atomwaffen,” a voice says from behind the camera. The frame shows a row of townhouses through an open car window. 

Slowly the window rolls up: “You don’t know who I am, but you will very soon.”

When previously contacted through his “Revived” account by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, Landolt did not confirm if he was a member of the original Atomwaffen Divison, but did say he was behind a new channel bearing their name.

Started on January 30, the channel featured more videos from within what appears to be the same vehicle. Most likely a white Toyota registered to the Landolt’s address.  

“I tried to warn you Paul, but you just didn’t want to listen,” a familiar voice explains, his frame focused on the back of the same alleged property. 

Another shows a series of clips showing the National Socialist Workers Party’s treatment of the Roma people. Including images of communities being rounded up and flashing quotes about how the Nazi’s were “combatting the G****y plague,” alongside photos of executions, bodies, and starving men, women, and children. 

One of the reasons that Miller is being harassed by his fellow neo-Nazis is because of his Romani heritage.

Miller declined to comment at the time, but told his followers he saw his harasser following him near a Waffle House.

The most recent video on the channel opens with the Atomwaffen Division flag. It fades into a frame of Landolt’s upper torso, masked and wearing a protective plate carrier.

Source: Screen capture taken from encrypted messaging app.

“You thought you saw me here? Maybe you’re right,” a voice says, panning over to show the restaurant's exterior.

Most recently, Landolt tried to instigate an on-camera fistfight between Miller and another, equally vile streamer, the Australian Catboy Kami.


The Legacy of Iron March


The Revived One account is the current owner of a chat group called NSLS (National Socialist Learning Server). Fashlash first formed NSLS on Discord as a means to find recruits for their side group called Path of Gods, or sometimes for Fashlash itself. Entrees are required to pass through a shifting vetting room before being granted access to the main chat. Like other similar groups, the questions test an individual’s knowledge of historic fascist philosophy, as well as the reading list of the now-defunct, pro-nazi-terror forum Iron March. 

Fashlash was formed after Texas cell leader John Cameron Denton, under the alias of “Rape,” became the defacto leader of the Atomwaffen Division, subsuming it from founder Brandon Clint Russell (“Odin”). Originally formed as a Discord server by the same name, Fashlash endured after being shut down across platforms, before finding its current home on an encrypted messaging app. 

Those who left also appear to have published a long take-down document about the group, extolling their grievances and outing much of the strife into hard to find online spaces that are nonetheless still public. Like many statements from or about the group from inside the movement, the Atomwaffen document contains both a measure of fact and misinformation.

Fashlash was responsible for misleading the media about the involvement of the Parkland school shooter with another fringe group known as the Republic of Florida (ROF), Screenshots published online from their former discord server show the group coordinating with each other in an effort to mislead the media. The leader of ROF, Jordan Jereb, lied under questioning to the FBI about this incident, perpetuating the struggle to find the truth of the matter. 

While some of the original members were Christians at the time of the Atomwaffen spit, Fashlash members and applicants in the lower NSLS room adhere to an assortment of beliefs, ranging from forms of Nazi paganism, reinterpretations of Vedic and Iranian spiritualism, and Esoteric Hitlerism (the worship of Adolf Hitler as a deity). Christianity is now banned from NSLS. 

The Fashlash also previously ran a podcast and website under the name “Fashcast,” as well as the publication of an anthology of the same name. 

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