Pride Defence Guide

It’s been a gruelling year when it comes to hate directed towards the2SLGBTQIA+ community. We know that folks are feeling scared and overwhelmedby what feels like a crushing wave of far-right organizing. We get it—we feel like that sometimes too.

As a watchdog of the far-right, we have had the profoundly hopeful experience of researching, analyzing, and participating in successful antifascist resistance against the far-right. This guide is our way of sharing some of what we’ve learned with you, the on the ground organizers and grassroots activists who are eager to defend your communities, especially during Pride season.

What is Pride Defence?

Pride defence is the act of going to any Pride event to protect the 2SLGBTQ+community from far-right activists who show up.

Pride Defenders are the brave people who show up to counter the far-right, using many different tactics. Some have used spectacle and created a party-like atmosphere with dancing and music to keep the far-right out, while others have blocked them from accessing events using their bodies.

How to Read This Guide

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s better to take one action than freeze up because doing everything feels impossible. With that in mind, we’ve organized this guide into three parts—Before Pride, During Pride, and After Pride—and within each section, we’ve highlighted the one or two points we would suggest prioritizing. We recognize not everyone will be able to participate in the on-the-ground action on the day of the event, so we have taken care to include points that folks can participate in from home.

While this guide specifically refers to Pride events and defences, the information can be used to prepare you for many kinds of defences or counters against the far-right.


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