QAnon “Queen” Of Canada Romana Didulo Tells Followers To Shoot “Illegal” Migrants On Sight

“Consider them all invaders and occupiers. They are paid by the Cabals/Deepstaters/Blackhats/Globalists to create chaos and destabilize our Kingdom like they have done in EU. Shoot them at site [sic].”

Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Telegram

Romana Didulo, the self-declared Queen of Canada, has put out a message to her over 48,000 Telegram followers telling them that “illegal” migrants who insist on crossing the border should be shot on sight. 

In a message posted to one of her official channels on Monday, Didulo tells her followers that “migrant caravans” from South America are coming through the United States and ultimately settling in Canada. 

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“If they insist upon crossing the border into the Kingdom of Canada, consider them all invaders and occupiers,” the notice reads. “They are paid by the Cabals/Deepstaters/Blackhats/Globalists to create chaos and destabilize our Kingdom like they have done in EU.  

“Shoot them at site [sic].”

Didulo is the founder of the “Canada 1st Political Party,” a registered business rather than an official party that saw its leader declare herself the reigning monarch of Canada early in 2021. Crediting this appointment to the same secret benevolent actors that she claims helped elect former President Donald Trump, Didulo and her followers belong to a uniquely Canadian branch of the QAnon belief system. One that believes in a globalist cabal of pedophilic cannibals controlling society from the shadows – but places Didulo at the head of the resistance.

“Any and all illegal Migrants Caravans from the South America (Latin Americas) [sic] that tries to enter the Kingdom of Canada via the United States of America are to be immediately refused entry into the Kingdom of Canada,” the message posted to the channel reads. 

She adds that these are not “economic migrants,” but rather “well-to-do individuals from their countries who willingly paid the human traffickers thousands of dollars and coached by corrupt not for profit organizations on how to game the immigration system.”

Source: Telegram

The response to Didulo’s notice has been resoundingly positive among her many followers, and in many cases, enthusiastic. 

“One way to stop it, if they don’t listen,” one commenter responded.



“Sick of Canada being the dumping ground for illegals who get paid thousands upon thousands and those of us born and raised here get (shit),” said another. 

“Shoot them on sight, the world has had enough of this nonsense.”

Several others call directly for the death of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

The call seems o be in response to news that New York City’s government was providing asylum seekers with bus tickets to towns near the US-Canada border and the controversial crossing point Roxham Road. 


A History Of Calls To Action


Beyond Didulo’s original declaration of her own royalty, talk of alien origins and a promise of coming “med-bed” technology to heal the sick, she has made multiple veiled and explicit threats against those who fail to acknowledge her authority (basically everyone). 

After first assuming the title of “Queen,” Didulo has signed her messages, “peace, prosperity, or parish,” carrying an ominous tone. The Canadian Anti-Hate Network first began reporting on her after dozens of reports of individuals delivering “cease and desist” notices to businesses, hospitals, politicians, and even police stations, demanding that they stop enforcing all pandemic-related health measures – or face execution. Since then it appears as though hundreds of these notices have been hand delivered or mailed to alleged offenders. 

According to Vice World News, an elementary school was targeted by her followers, who arrived on scene to distribute anti-vaccine information while classes were taking place. Businesses across the country have reported seeing letters in the mail or hand-delivered to their door. 

Monitoring of the cease and desist groups, which were typically divided by province, shows hundreds of letters sent out to public and private institutions. 

In November 2021, Didulo began telling followers on both sides of the border to prepare to enter the country as her “special forces.”

“Please, use airports, hospitals, schools, stadiums, and other public venues to hold and detain all traitors. They will stay there until Military Tribunal is held for each one of them until the day they are executed via firing squad or hanging.”

For her trouble, Didulo reports that she was visited by the RCMP and told her followers shortly after, in her first live stream appearance, that she had been taken into custody for observation, but was released in under 24 hours. 

Didulo’s political party, dubbed the Canada1st Party of Canada claims on its website that they are “not part of or beholden to the corrupted and inhumane Globalists/Communists/ NWO/UN/ Great Reset/2021/2030 Agenda.” 

Starting the project from a boarding home on Vancouver Island, Didulo now tours the country in an RV paid for by her following. A small group of the most committed individuals rides with her. Interviews with former members of this entourage by Vice detail a lack of sleep, meals, and “non-stop” abuse.  

She's sort of filled this vacuum that was left behind by Q and Trump and stepped up to take a much more active and direct leadership role," Alex Mendela, an associate analyst at Alethea, an organization that monitors disinformation and social media manipulation, told CAHN.

“Where her followers aren't necessarily looking to Q anymore. They're not necessarily looking to Trump. It's Queen Romana.”

Breaking away from the feedback loop and reinforcement found in these spaces can be difficult, according to Mandela, even in the face of repeatedly failed prophecies and disappointing prophets.

“These disillusioned Qanon adherents who are sort of looking for that sense of authority and they're gonna find it in the wrong place. They’ll find it with the queen of Canada, who tells you to go pick up your guns and let's form a ‘duck hunting’ militia.”

The deeper an individual is sucked into a conspiracy movement, the harder it can be to get out. Something researchers who study QAnon see firsthand.

"Despite the continual failure of any of Q's prophecies to come true, and the movement's gurus being unmasked over and over as frauds, these influencers continue to hold sway over their followings because they understand how human psychology works," Mike Rothschild, a journalist and author of The Storm is Upon Us, which focuses on QAnon, told CAHN in a statement. 

Tragically, the deeper a person moves into the belief system, the less motivation a person has to see the flaws.

"At a certain point, if you've been following Romana Didulo or Negative 48 around for months, you have nowhere else to go," Rothschild said. "You can't go back to the family and friends you've left behind, so you stay with the guru because there's still the vanishing possibility that they're right, and if you leave you might miss out on getting everything you were promised. These promoters get their flocks to leave everything behind, then use it as leverage to keep them in the fold. It's psychologically abusive and deeply cynical."

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