Statement Regarding a Lawsuit Filed by Caryma Sa’d

Today, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network won a motion to dismiss a ‘trademark’ lawsuit filed by Caryma Sa’d.

Ms. Sa’d has been authoring and encouraging various conspiracy theories about our work and our organization because of an article we wrote about her two years ago.

Now we have been vindicated in Federal Court, which has dismissed her lawsuit as lacking any factual foundation.

Justice Southcott said, "the Statement of Claim will be struck without leave to amend, because it is plain and obvious that the Statement of Claim discloses no reasonable cause of action and therefore has no reasonable prospect of success, and the Plaintiff has failed to identify any amendment that might be capable of curing this deficiency."

Ms. Sa’d has been ordered to pay the Canadian Anti-Hate Network legal costs.

You can read the decision here.

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