Update on the state of the far-right in Canada

On August 9th, the first rainbow crosswalk in Burnaby, BC was vandalized. The outline of the graffiti comes from an antisemitic meme and the dot in the question mark is a Star of David. The alt-right neo-Nazis believe in a Jewish conspiracy to promote lgbtq+ rights, which they view as degenerate. In context, this is both an antisemitic and anti-lgbtq+ hate crime.

For more: https://www.burnabynow.com/news/someone-vandalized-burnaby-s-rainbow-crosswalk-1.23396451

The Worldwide Coalition Against Islam failed to hold a rally in Toronto on August 12th in the face of a planned counter-demonstration and far-right infighting. Instead, an anti-hate rally was held at Nathan Phillips Square. Coverage of the victory against the WCAI was overshadowed by coverage of an incident during the event in which an anti-racist demonstrator took a photographer’s hat, laying hands on him in the process. That individual has been charged with assault.

Also on August 12th, ID Canada (Identity Canada), a group associated with the alt-right movement with chapters across Canada, did a surprise banner drop over the Don Valley Parkway.

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The Soldiers of Odin claimed they would use force to break up a homeless encampment in Nanaimo, BC on August 19th. The SOO were a no show. Some opponents of the camp came to protest anyways, and were outnumbered by anti-racist demonstrators.

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The National Citizens Alliance held a 5-person strong demonstration in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - also on August 19th. They were outnumbered by 60-80 counter-demonstrators.

The NCA warns about what they call ‘extreme multiculturalism’. Its founder, Stephen Garvey, is a regular speaker at anti-Muslim rallies and has stood alongside the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam, which calls Muslims sewage, scum, and has called for their execution.

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Toronto’s anti-fascist and anti-racist community held a community BBQ on Sunday to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the riot at Christie Pits. In 1933, a group called the ‘Pit Gang’ unfurled a swastika banner at a baseball game. Jewish and Italian immigrants fought back, reinforcements were called, and the brawl lasted for six hours.

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