Vancouver School Board Candidates Vow to Take on Gender Diversity in the Classroom

A group of candidates in Vancouver, British Columbia’s upcoming school board elections, some with connections to far-right politics, are running specifically on the issue of gender.

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The upcoming municipal elections in British Columbia are shaping up to be the latest battle in the culture war. Multiple regions are seeing candidates with positions aligned with far-right ideas getting their names on the ballot for the role of school board trustee. 

Vancouver, BC is no exception. 

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Residents head to the polls on October 15. 

With the list of candidates locked in, we took a look at those with platforms and public statements that are consistent with far-right ideas, such as being anti-abortion or against education about 2SLGBTQ+.


Karin Litzcke



Karin Litzcke’s website describes her as a “long-time education writer, researcher, and advocate for better schools.” She is currently running in School District 39 as a trustee. 

Despite her self-described history in education, the cornerstone of her current campaign is rallying against “transgenderism.”

“I'm running as an independent for school trustee in Vancouver,” she wrote on Twitter on August 10. “Vancouver deserves great schools. Great schools don't burden kids with transgender ideology.” 

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Railing against "progressive imperialists," on her public social media Litzcke has equated “child transgenderism” to performing lobotomies and fetal alcohol syndrome. 

“I am particularly galvanized by the issue of transgenderism. It attacks everything the school system is supposed to be doing at its root,” she told Rebel News. “The school system is supposed to be a stabilizing force in society it's supposed to unite us around common needs. 

“Kids are supposed to be all learning a base level of certain skills in certain a certain knowledge base and instead it's become a destabilizing force insofar as it is separating kids from their parents by sort of re-casting history and by even demonizing parents to their own kids so it's really become a toxic force.”

This is not her first time as a candidate, as a member of the People’s Party of Canada she ran as a federal candidate for Vancouver East in 2021. She also ran as part of the Libertarian Party of BC in 2020

She declined to comment when contacted for this article. 


Zelda Levine



Zelda Levine is a candidate running in Vancouver under the same banner as Litzcke.

“My independent running ‘mate’ (Karin Litzcke) and I are running to disrupt the promotion of transgenderism/transhumanism K-12 in Vancouver public schools,” Levine wrote on a Substack account. 

Little else is said about her platform, other than its opposition to “sexual-engineering indoctrination,” a topic she expands upon in short articles and videos posted online. 

“Schools take an authoritarian hold over every aspect of children’s lives,” she said in a September video, blaming “special interests” for ruining the education system. 

Her campaign is fighting “back against the take over of our schools, society and children.”

Identifying as a former New Democrat voter, Levine adds that “extreme ideologies, extreme transgender ideologies, extreme globalist ideologies,” drove her out of the party, she told Rebel News


Amanda Tengco


Amanda Tengco is a recreation therapist working in long-term care, according to interviews she gave during the pandemic where she was a vocal critic of her industry’s vaccine mandates. 

“As a mother, I have concerns about the curriculum and feel those concerns have been disregarded,” she said in a statement given to the Vancouver Elections Office. “My goal is to give parents their voice back.”

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On her website, however, the same issues of gender and grooming permeate her platform. 

“Children in Canada are being exposed to SOGI 123 (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) which is intended to sexualize minors,” reads the landing page. “This program robs children of their innocence and promotes confusion while leading to mass gender dysphoria. The government then steps in and provides one solution: transitioning.”

Other aspects of the platform make familiar promises to eliminate “Critical Race Theory” from the curriculum.

CRT is a complex legal framework of analysis taught in universities, not to school children.

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