White Lives Matter Canada Posts Video Of “Activists” Putting Propaganda Alongside Children’s Books

The poster included the portrait of a murdered young girl.

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: WLM Canada

A video posted to the social media of White Lives Matter British Columbia shows one of the organization's more recent propaganda campaigns. Besides stickers affixed to mailboxes and the back of street signs, one clip in particular shows a sticker being placed in between children’s books at a bookstore. 

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Across the network’s Canadian branches, it is common to share images of stickers and posters linking to “WLM Official” channels on social media. The activism aims to bring in new members, while also serving as an easily accomplished, low-effort task to dole out to existing recruits. 

In a recent post shared by the BC chapter on January 8, the stickers can be seen at multiple locations. The background of the photos are obscured, though visible clues, including Christmas decorations, suggest the photos were taken recently. 

A seconds long video included in the post shows a small poster containing the URL to WLM’s main social media page and the portrait of a girl. The image depicts a French youth who was the victim in a shocking and brutal murder at the hands of an Algerian national without legal permission to be in the country. Despite pleas from the family for their daughter to not be used as a political symbol, French politicians and the international far-right use her name and likeness for their own ends. 

The BC chapter of WLM has also previously participated in banner drops delivering similar messages deploying such slogans as “demographics equal destiny,” “white genocide,” and the “only solution is white revolution.” 

White Lives Matter (WLM) is a decentralized movement across western nations that has co-opted the language of social justice as a mask for racist and, in many cases, fascist ideologies. While sometimes attempting to eschew accusations of racism as “anti-white” slander, the language, rhetoric, images, and media recommendations from both the global and Canadian WLM members and leaders are undeniably hateful. 

WLM holds regular demonstrations, often coordinated so many of the protests occur on the same day across the numerous national and international branches.

In Canada, WLM was founded and initially coordinated by a live streamer named Spencer. More commonly referred to as Mcleafin, his full name is not currently known. An Ontario resident, he regularly appears on a neo-Nazi livestream as a co-host. He has previously attempted to start streams of his own, including under the name “Spencer the First,” but has abandoned these solo projects. 

Since the founding of the initial WLM Canada and WLM Toronto groups, local chapters have emerged posting their own original propaganda images, as well as cross-sharing the work of other WLM collectives on social media.

Canada’s larger WLM movement was also an early promoter of the Active Club Canada. Similar to WLM, the Active Clubs are a network of decentralized regional chapters active across the United States, Europe, and Canada. A previous investigation by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network uncovered the involvement of the Vinland Hammerskins in overseeing the operation of the Active Clubs in Canada. Founded in the southern United States, the Hammerskin Nation is reported to be the largest white power group in the world, with chapters in North America, South America, and Europe.


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