Woman Claims to Drive a School Bus While Homeschooling Her Kids to Be Neo-Nazis

Pictures of “Claudia’s” four young children are being used in fascist propaganda.

Dan Collen

A Durham-area woman behind a series of pseudonymous neo-Nazi social media accounts posted an image of a Pride flag burning in a fire pit. “Well, my local library no longer has their Pride flag,” she says.

Living in Hampton, Ontario, with her husband and four children, she goes by many names online: “Aryan Aurelia,” “Vicky Ruby Weaver”—a reference to white supremacist Vicki Weaver who was killed at Ruby Ridge—and “Mothers Against Joggers.” Jogger is a stand-in for the n-slur referencing Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man murdered while jogging. All the accounts that she runs post content promoting national socialism, militant action, and extreme hate speech. 

Her most commonly used name is “Claudia,” and last year she posted a picture of a yellow school bus in her driveway on Instagram. “School starts Tuesday,” she captioned the picture. “I homeschool my own kids, but drive everyone elses [sic] to school.” 

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network reached out to Claudia for comment. After seeing our messages, she blocked our account and deleted the conversation.

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image is a collage of Claudia's tattoos. top right is her forearm with two x's and what may be a floral design. bottom right is an upper shoulder tattoo on her right shoulder which is not very clear. centre is the left wrist with the two x's. On the right is Claudia holding a rifle with a Pepe the Frog wearing an SS uniform over her face. Left: Claudia’s visible tattoos. Right: Claudia posing with a safe for long guns, an ammo box, and a rifle she saysis an SKS that she “modified.” Over her face is Pepe the Frog is dressed as a Nazi SS officer.

Many of Claudia’s posts deny or outright celebrate the Holocaust, while others invoke violence towards people from minority groups, especially 2SLGBTQ+ people, racialized people, Muslims, and Jews. In response to a video showing a water hose being used against a man holding an Israeli flag, she asks, “Can we get one of these that expels them completely, permanently? Clearly, the Zyklon wasn’t strong enough.” 

Zyklon is a reference to Zyklon-B, a chemical compound used to kill Jews en masse in death camp gas chambers during the Holocaust. 

Claudia also posted propaganda images featuring the catchphrase “Total N****r Death,” a call for the extermination of Black people, and has said that comparing Black people to monkeys was “insulting to the monkeys.”

In selfies posted to her public channels, she has shown herself initiating Nazis salutes, posing with rifles, and making the “okay” hand gesture while wearing a skull mask — a popular, unofficial uniform of neo-Nazism

As is the case with many white supremacist social media accounts operated by women, many of her posts also revolve around “tradwife” (traditional wife) content. Food preservation, homesteading, and firearms are recurring themes, as is the promotion of homeschooling in an insular environment.

Image is multiple guns and ammunition laid out on a red table with the caption \A photograph of rifles and ammunition posted to one of Claudia’s social media pages.

Claudia also sells crafted home decor online under the name “88 Homestead and Decor.” The number 88, which the influencer uses frequently, is a common shorthand for “HH” or “Heil Hitler,” with eight representing the eighth letter of the alphabet.

Image is Claudia standing in a field holding a Red Ensign flag and giving a Nazi salute“Claudia” posing for a photograph, holding a Red Ensign flag and giving a Roman (Nazi) salute.


A is for Adolf

Claudia's four young children are regularly included in the propaganda she produces. Her posts would indicate that she incorporates neo-Nazism in their lesson plans.

In one post she made to Instagram, she poses for a photograph while performing a Nazi salute in a park between two swing sets on either side of her, where her children are playing. Though her face is covered by an emoji, the childrens' faces are not.

Image is Claudia standing in front of her four young children on a swing set. She is giving a Nazi salute with a Pepe the Frog covering her face. Photograph from Claudia’s social media. Childrens’ images censored by CAHN.

In one post, she gives an enthusiastic Nazi salute with her child in her lap while riding a small tractor. The caption reads “Panzer Mode Activated.” Panzers were a series of tanks used by the Nazis in WWII. In an Instagram post, we see a colourful swastika drawn on a chalkboard, alongside childlike scribbles, shapes, and a drawing of a carrot.

Image is a chalkboard with a colourful swastika drawn on it with chalk. Beside it is a child's arm putting a sticky note on the board. Around the swastika are scribbles and a drawing of a carrot.

Alongside one video of her child — who appears to be around kindergarten age — playing with a toy Jeep, is the caption “They grow so fast. First it’s Jeeps then it’s commies from copters. WBS (White Boy Summer).” The caption references fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet’s regime, which
killed political dissidents by dropping them from helicopters mid-flight. “White Boy Summer”, which Claudia follows with a sunglasses emoji and a pale, open hand emoji to signal a Nazi salute, was appropriated as a white supremacist meme in 2021.

Claudia recently posted a photograph of arts and crafts: a child-sized cardboard shield with the logo of the Nazi SS. “White Boy Summer Things. I [love] my son,” reads the accompanying caption.

Claudia is vocal about her reasons for homeschooling and her ideological influence on her children, often alluding to what she believes is a mass indoctrination of children by school systems. In a poem posted to social media, she said that “In school they're taught premarital sex and how to be gay / When they just want to go outside, be kids and play.”

In a recent Telegram post, she boasted that her influence had worn off on her children’s behaviour in public. She says her daughter said “that’s gay” to a store cashier over an inconvenience. 

On the left is Claudia on a rural roadway with a small child. On the left is her husband, leaning back in a chair outside, with  his face barely visible. Left: The neo-Nazi mom that posted a photograph burning a Pride flag. Image of child censored by CAHN. Right: A man she refers to as her husband.


Baby’s First White Power Gang


Claudia’s children are also being used in propaganda photographs by a Canadian whites-only “Active Club”. The Active Club is one of many branches associated with American White Supremacist Robert Rundo’s media company Will2Rise. In 2022, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network exposed Canadian Active Clubs as recruitment groups for the Hammerskins, a massive international Nazi skinhead network.

“Claudia” is likely the administrator of the social media page for women’s only Active Clubs in Canada. Specific architecture such as a homemade brick fire pit appear in both Active Club photographs and in Claudia’s social media posts. The writing style demonstrated on the Canadian Women’s Active Club page resembles comments made by Claudia.

Claudia hosted a barbeque and an overnight campout for Women’s and Men’s Active Club members and their families, including children, on her property in Durham. The event was referenced in posts recruiting potential new members. 

If you have information about “Claudia,” or Canadian Active Clubs, please email [email protected].

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