Canadian Global Politics Journal Home To Multiple Antisemitic Articles Masquerading As Academia

The Larouche-inspired Canadian Patriot Review repeatedly casts Jewish groups as agents of a global criminal agenda.

Steven Zhou 
The Canadian Anti-Hate Network

A Canadian journal on global politics and commentary has published a number of articles that push antisemitic conspiracy theories about Jews and their role in world history, including alleging that Jews are global criminal masterminds. 

The Canadian Patriot Review is an eclectic publication that mostly takes aim (in its Mission Statement) at what it calls the “rule of monetarism, post-industrialism and war which have become signature features of the Anglo-American system dominant since World War Two.”

It points to two major forces that challenge this shadowy international consensus: the Chinese government’s “Belt and Road Initiative,” -- that is “a force for global progress, poverty eradication, and peace” -- and the formerly Donald Trump-led United States that broke “with the Neo-Conservative paradigm of war with China and Russia.”

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CPR authors such as Matthew Ehret and Doug Miller have written that this dominant power structure currently (and covertly) utilizes parts of world Jewry to carry out its often criminal global agenda. 


Tools of a Hidden Power Elite


In a December 2019 piece titled “De-Bunking the Myth of the Jewish Conspiracy,” Ehret, who co-founded the CPR and helps edit the publication, ironically tries to discredit the “Jews run the world” conspiracy theory by repeating a number of ideas that very much align with popular antisemitic narratives. 

Ehret writes that dominant power structures in the world used “western criminal syndicates” that  “were also heavily connected to Zionism,” which “just means that one layer of organized crime influenced lower levels of organized crime.” Thus Zionist Jews of various criminal sorts carried out the bidding of shadowy entities that promised them “vast rewards.”

While he doesn’t explicitly detail who these Zionist entities are, Ehret incidates in the beginning of the article that he is not a fan “of the ADL, the Rothschild banking dynasty, the younger Warburg dynasty, Mossad-affiliated pedophiles, or George Soros.”

Later, he makes oblique references to wealthy Jewish families and Meyer Lansky, the notorious Jewish “Mob’s Accountant” connected to various organized crime figures throughout the 20th century, as agents of world powers that continue to rule and corrupt any chances for international harmony. 

He cites as his source a 1994 speech (titled on YouTube as “The Character Of Our Enemy: The British Zionist Masonic Mafia Party”) by fringe author and activist Anton Chaitkin, which characterized the horrific mass shooting that year by far-right Israeli extremist Baruch Goldstein at the Cave of the Patriarchs in the West Bank city of Hebron as a crime ordered by a “British party” that has a “political organization” that “exists within the Jewish community.” 

This strange and convoluted theory matches Ehret’s idea that Jewish gangsters have long been used by power-hungry remnants of the old British Empire to carry out murders and other crimes like drug dealing and gun running. 

Chaitkin was the editor of a fringe political news magazine called the Executive Intelligence Review, which asserted in a 1992 pamphlet that the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was responsible for drug addiction in the US and was working to subvert the US “through the subversion of law and moral values…and through its collusion with hostile foreign agencies.”

Both the EIR and the CPR self-identify as publications that are “inspired by the philosophy and strategic outlook of Lyndon LaRouche,” who founded a political movement in his name (along with the EIR) which pushes an eclectic political agenda, from major banking reforms to Mars colonization. The late Larouche pushed a number of antisemitic conspiracy theories and racist beliefs himself, such as how the Ku Klux Klan was secretly founded by Jews. 


Redefining “Anti-Zionism”


Jews or Zionists helping a dominant, if shadowy Anglo-American consensus carry out its current global agenda is a common theme throughout several CPR pieces. 

The idea is further elaborated in a lengthy December 2020 piece by Doug Miller called, “On the British Imperial Roots of Political Zionism,” which isolates modern “political Zionism” as an artificial invention by the British Empire to further its own imperial interests. 

“The 19th century saw [Zionism] transmogrified into a deceitful example of the Empire/Oligarchy [E/O],” Miller writes, “seeking to manipulate another set of countries to do their rapacious bidding.”

“It may not be pleasant to swallow,” he continues, “but just as the Empire subverted and uses Islamists and Arabs as its political tools yet today, so does it use the Jews and Israel (and anyone else that accepts their money and mentoring).”

And who specifically are these deceitful and criminal Jews doing “the Empire’s” bidding today?

The piece names B’nai Brith as “a Scottish Rite Masonry cult” founded by “the Empire” as an “intelligence gathering and sedition group in order to subvert the USA in the midst of the 19th century.”

“One of the active militant groups working as a storefront for the B’nai B’rith was and still is the Anti-Defamation League (ADL),” Miller writes, “retaining its disguise as a fighter of anti-Semitism while actually supporting it through the political Zionism that means NOT love of G-d, but separation and control of the Hebrew people through relegation to corporate Israel.” [emphasis his]

Overall, Miller wades into the contentious antisemitism vs. anti-Zionism debate by asserting that the latter doesn’t amount to Jew-hatred if it is just exposing “the more recent manufactured'' political Zionism “that indicates British Empire intrigues.” The piece carries on in this convoluted fashion with multiple references to major Jewish historical figures from Theodor Herzl to the Rothschilds.

This ahistorical formulation popular throughout the LaRouche movement still characterizes Jews as part of a grand global conspiracy to undermine human prosperity for selfish gain—simply a modified version of an age-old antisemitic canard.

A quick search on the CPR site also reveals numerous articles targeting the billionaire Jewish Hungarian-American investor and philanthropist George Soros, who has become a favourite bogeyman and piñata for antisemitic conspiracy theorists across the political spectrum in recent years.

These pieces take aim at Soros as a central “deep state” force behind a number of nefarious operations such as stealing the 2020 election from Donald Trump, who gets more positive press than just about anyone else in the the review as a rare figure willing to challenge the hidden criminal consensus puppeteering the world from above. 


Ehret and his colleagues at the CPR did not respond to a request for comment.


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This article is part of a project which has been made possible in part thanks to the the Canadian Race Relations Foundation and Sun Life financial.

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