Canadian Hate Groups Threatening Black Protests

Canadian Hate Groups Threatening Black Protests

Comments like “Just shoot the mother*****s” are commonplace


June 05, 2020

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May 31st rally against police violence in Vancouver, BC. Source: Jerome Turner / Ricochet Media 

As protests in response to the police murder of George Floyd in the United States continue to escalate, solidarity demonstrations are being held in various cities in Canada, also highlighting ongoing police violence towards Black and Indigenous persons here at home. Across social media, the reaction to the George Floyd protests from the far-right has been increasingly threatening.

On the Canadian Combat Coalition (CCC) National Facebook page, Ed MacLean writes, “shoot them on [sight] when they are breaking into places.” Glo Bamford posted, “these aren’t protesters they are thugs…they all should have been tazered, locked up. FOREVER! But my way is simpler, just shoot the motherf----s.”

CCC President Dan Dubois shared a photo suggesting the best way for the police to disperse the protestors would be to send in a young black child to ask the protestors if any of them are his father. 34 people reacted with likes or laughs to the racist joke.

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In a post on the private Northern Guard (NG) Facebook group, Gavin Gerald Schooten writes, “I was put on blast as a racist yesterday after posting something about Martin Luther king..I warned the guy in a PM that he just endangered my family and I’m going to be takeing his f------ teeth and reminded him I know where all his family lives and to be very fucking careful in the future.”

NG Facebook group member Fred Nicholson shared a photo comparing Black persons to monkeys.


Hate groups are planning to disrupt the protests.

Free North Patriots’, a secretive anti-lockdown group, is planning to counter protests in Toronto. On Saturday June 6th at noon they are gathering at Queens Park. “So just wondering but what not aloud like ima be spray them with bear mace and hitting them up with bbs,” writes Matthew James Brodie on the Free North Patriots’ Facebook page. 

 To the question: “How do you plan on stopping them?,” Steve Coles says, “By any means necessary.”

Kim Wright posts “Hope we have some fighter[s] in Vancouver . Going too need them.”

Biker-style hate group Urban Infidels president Steven Lane aka Heathen Steven is planning to disrupt a demonstration in Chatham, Ontario. He posted photos of himself wearing knuckles and rings, claiming “This is what’s going to happen if any Pantifa in Chatham tomorrow night threaten my life !! Mike Tyson cant even break these ..GOOD NIGHT LEFT SIDE!!”

In comments, Lane claimed he’s “Ready to beat some f---s,” and that he will “die with blood soaked all over my cut ..proudly.”


Far-right actors have already been spotted at protests. 

Neo-Nazi Tomas Liko watched the #JusticeForRegis demonstration in Toronto wearing his Skrewdriver shirt. Skrewdriver is one of the most infamous neo-Nazi bands, with lyrics like “if you see this n*****, kick him in the f****** head.” Its front-man founded Blood and Honour, a terrorist group. Liko was confronted and ran off. 

Also in Toronto, John Howitt (Jack) Reynolds, Lily, and an unknown person with a confederate flag disrupted a demonstration in front of the U.S. consulate.

It’s alleged that an unknown individual in Barrie, Ontario “disconnected the PA system and called everyone at #blacklivesmatter rally terrorists.”

It's also alleged that a man brought a bow to a Black Lives Matter protest in Ottawa today, reminding us of this incident in which a man aimed a bow and arrow at protestors in Utah.

Conspiracy vlogger Dan Dicks, formerly attached to the anti-lockdown demonstrations, tweeted that he would be “covering one of these antifa, I mean terrorist organizations rallies later today in Vancouver.” He later acts offended that he was unwelcome. He was surrounded, and asked to leave. Eventually he was escorted away by a police officer.

Izidor Sarvari, who went to a protest in Calgary last week, shares “In case any of y’all decide to start looting during the lockdown just know I have more ammo than I have toilet paper.”

Also at the Calgary protest was a man with a gasmask and a sign saying “Gerald Stanley Did Nothing Wrong.” Stanley was charged for killing Colton Boushie, an Indigenous youth in Saskatchewan. He was acquitted of second-degree murder.

That man with the sign was Shannon Dobson, who writes on Facebook that in his youth he “got suspended for asking an N [short for n*****] if she wanted to help me earn my red laces.” In racist skinhead culture, “red laces” are earned by spilling blood.


Please send us a message if you have photos or video of far-right actors disrupting protests against police violence towards Black and other communities.

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