“That Was One Bloke, We Need An Army”: Canadian Podcaster Talks About Attacking Parliament In The Name Of Race

Dan Collen

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

A far-right podcast host recently took to his show’s forums and proudly admitted to being a white supremacist, made dozens of racist and homophobic comments, and went as far as to encourage white Canadians to attack Parliament.

“That was one bloke, we need an army. Stay weak and pathetic like a goy is what they expect,” Adam Blainey said while discussing the 2014 shooting at Parliament Hill. “They revel in the fact that goyim are weak and pathetic and won’t stand up for their race. The bible is very clear that they will be destroyed in the end." 

“Do something for fuck sakes.”

The November 4 comments were made in private forums for right-wing conspiracy theorists in which Blainey speaks frequently on behalf of Freedom Free For All. Blainey began the discussion by invoking “The Great Replacement” and saying that his peers should “get armed because we are going to war with the state.”

The Great Replacement is a longstanding conspiracy theory that asserts white people are being replaced through immigration. It is often used to rationalize the existence of white supremacist militias and as proof of larger, typically Jewish, control of world events.

“The Fact that Trudeau is giving millions to Islamic terrorist(s) whilst bringing in our genetic replacement using our forefathers’ money to do it means war. We need to kill these traitors and since we don’t they will get away with their plan,” Blainey proclaimed.

“Stop being a pathetic weakling and get armed because we should absolutely be going to war against the state,” he continued. “Our weakness is what (((they))) depend on to get away with their agenda which is anti-human and particularly anti-white.”

The use of three sets of parentheses, or echoes, around names and pronouns is a common method for white supremacists to describe Jewish people, as it can help them avoid being noticed by hate speech censors.

“Stop being weak. That is the solution to all of this. What’s coming your way is nothing short of hell and it is your fault for being weak.”

“Stand up white man, the time is now to reclaim your strength.

In addition to calls for violence, Blainey has boasted about identifying as a racist. 

“I’m racist and I love it.” Blainey bragged. “It is literally the most spiritually freeing thing one can do.”

In a statement sent to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, Blainey wrote, "for the record, I am an anarchist. I do not lie on the far right of the political spectrum because I do not participate in the hoax that is politics."

Freedom Free For All

Freedom Free For All (FFFA) is a far-right podcast and streaming channel out of British Columbia, run by Josh Steffler, Paul Stein, Adam Blainey, and a man known as Jesse. Between 2015 and 2019, most of FFFA’s content targeted Conservative and Libertarian conspiracy audiences, with constant invocation of the “The Great Replacement” as a topic of conversation. 

Complete with the slogan, “the show that pokes the New World Order in its all-seeing eye,” FFFA has also echoed common conspiracy theories like allegations of faked terrorist attacks and elaborate climate denial theories.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, FFFA has also shifted its attention to anti-mask and anti-vaccine rhetoric. 

Prior to a Youtube ban, FFFA uploaded videos to both Facebook Live and Youtube, but has since switched to other platforms as their main means of outlet, posting a recording of a live stream and an interview with “The Australian Alex Jones,” conspiracy theorist Max Igan, in October. 

As well as Igan, FFFA has also welcomed guests like Sandy Hook shooting denier Sofia Smallstorm, and vocal Freemen on The Land Darren Clifford.

Clifford was a Canadian figurehead to the Freemen movement along with his brother Dean Clifford, who was revealed by Anti-Racist Canada as using the alias Sovereign, an active figure on neo-nazi forum Stormfront. In 2013 Darren was charged with assaulting a police officer.

FFFA’s Facebook remains very active with over 3,000 fans, but no longer posts videos. After publication, both Blainey and the admin for the Facebook page responded to our request for comment, saying that Blainey had been banned by the social network since around July.

Prior to 2015, FFFA existed as part of far-right political organization We Are Change Victoria and their Youtube variety vlog IonUCanada since 2012. Freedom Free For All was initially hosted solely by Josh Steffler, who has appeared in IonUCanada’s videos since 2010. 

Claiming to originally be from Victoria, Blainey cites Oak Bay, B.C. as his city on the forums.

Racism, Homophobia, and Transphobia

Blainey has stated the white race is under a deliberate attack by Jewish forces, blaming not only The Great Replacement, but communism on Jewish people, and alleging Israeli control of world governments. 

He also regularly degrades people of colour, Muslims, and LGBTQ persons.

“All government everywhere is selected by Israel and all government everywhere is the eternal enemy of humanity,” stated Blainey.

Blainey has called Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg “a boy” and described the Public Health Officer of Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam, as a “foul looking communist infiltrator who is a mentally ill t----y.”

Calls for Violence

Blainey has made several comments wishing harm to political figures including Dr. Tam, US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“Anything less than six feet under is not good enough,” he said of the PM.

As for Omar Khadr and his sister, Blainey has said they should be “swinging from a rope,” replied to a post about mandatory vaccinations to COVID-19 by saying “get your boom stick ready,” and said it’s time to “march the streets armed. The sooner the better.”

Medical Disinformation

Blainey has ridiculed people for believing that COVID-19 exists, pushing the popular narrative that the virus is a hoax.

Blainey has claimed to have meetings with controversial physician Dr. Stephen Malthouse. 

“I had a wonderful in-person meeting last night at an undisclosed location with 30 people plus Dr. Stephen Malthouse.” Blainey described. “We are behind the eight ball and meetings aren’t going to get us anywhere fast.”

Malthouse has recently appeared on Rebel News to advocate against the use of face masks. From 2016 to 2017 he butted heads with physicians across Canada for his strong endorsement of Homeopathic practices, and was eventually the target of an article from McGill’s Office for Science and Society titled “A Cranky Homeopath.”

Despite their mutual affection for Malthouse, Blainey has recently dismissed Rebel News as “another Jew run media outlet.”

Political Alignment

As mentioned earlier, most of FFFA and Blainey’s content pushes conspiracy theories and political talking points that are common among far-right media, including alleging most authority figures are pedophiles, there are elaborate plots involving forced gender assignments, and that vaccines don’t actually work.

However, in contrast to the majority of far-right personalities, Blainey has expressed disdain for QAnon. Despite many of Blainey and FFFA’s conspiracy theories overlapping with a large portion of core QAnon theories - including the idea of Satanist pedophile cults controlling the world - Blainey occasionally insults QAnon believers.

He complained in one post “You started out so great with your anti-semitism but Q? Come on, man.”

Blainey is also at odds with some far-right conspiracy theorists regarding systemic voter fraud in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election. He has called the election “a joke”, but also called those who believe in conspiracies about Dominion Voting Systems - a Toronto company that supplied voting machines used in the election - are “fucking re----d.”

Blainey has also criticized Donald Trump for his relationship with Israel’s government, blaming the Jewish people for killing Jesus, a popular antisemitic trope. 

“Strange that he loves Jesus Christ so much and at the same time also loves Israel.”

This post was updated to include comments from Adam Blainey.


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