Careless Use Of Firearm Charges Withdrawn Against Diagolon’s Jeremy MacKenzie

The charges came from a video posted online by Jeremy MacKenzie that was reported by police to show him drunk and waving a handgun.

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Jeremy MacKenzie/Telegram

Jemery Mackenzie has seen charges related to the careless use of a firearm withdrawn in a Nova Scotia court on Monday.

Mackenzie, a far-right and antisemitic Canadian live streamer, was initially facing 13 weapons charges. The RCMP began an investigation after a video recorded in Whycocomagh, N.S. allegedly showing him waving around a handgun was posted to Instagram. After a search of his home, law enforcement reported seizing firearms, body armour, and prohibited magazines. 

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The courts in Port Hawkesbury told the Canadian Anti-Hate Network that the 36-year-old Pictou man had the charges related to careless use of a firearm withdrawn, but were not able to provide any more details. 

The section of the criminal code the dismissed charges apply to anyone without a lawful excuse that “uses, carries, handles, ships, transports or stores” a firearm in a careless manner or without reasonable precautions for safety.

In January, police executed a search warrant at MacKenzie’s home in Pictou, N.S.

“Police located and seized five restricted firearms including rifles and handguns, one unrestricted firearm, prohibited magazines, ammunition, body armour, a duty belt with attached holster and magazine pouches and cellular phones,” police said in a release.

Other charges announced after MacKenzie’s arrest included Unauthorized Possession of a Prohibited Device, Possession of a Prohibited Device Knowing Its Possession is Unauthorized, and Possession of a Firearm at an Unauthorized Place. 

According to law enforcement, who had not identified Mackenzie at the time, “a 35-year-old Pictou man,” attended the Pictou RCMP Detachment prior to the search warrant execution and was arrested without incident. He was later released on conditions, which include that he does not possess any firearms, weapons, ammunition or explosive substances. 

Police said they determined the incident occurred on Whycocomagh Mountain Road in Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia.

MacKenzie took to his Telegram channel on Monday to tell his followers, “Nova Scotia court update: case dismissed, charges withdrawn.”

The response from within the Diagolon online community has been universally positive, however, many of Mackenzie’s supporters quickly pivoted to lambasting Rebel News’ Ezra Levant who wrote “He's a fed,” in response to the news on Twitter. 

He continues to face a number of other charges related to other alleged incidents.

The former member of the Canadian Armed Forces has been charged with harassment and mischief related to a March 2022 protest outside the home of the province’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Robert Strang.

Other charges from the same incident include intimidation of a health professional and making harassing phone calls. Another individual, Morgan May Guptill, a COVID-conspiracy activist and MacKenzie’s partner, has been charged with the same offences.

In August 2022, a Canada-wide warrant was issued for charges in Saskatchewan after Saskatoon RCMP received a report in March 2022 of an assault that occurred in November 2021 in the Rural Municipality of Viscount," Saskatchewan RCMP told the Canadian Anti-Hate Network in a statement.

The charges include one count of assault, one count of point a firearm, one count of use of a restricted weapon in a careless manner, and one count of mischief.

MacKenzie did not respond to a request for comment from CAHN, but told iPolitics he was not in Saskatchewan during the time an alleged “shooting party” took place – the supposed source of the charges.

He added that “a lunatic on a vendetta” is behind the allegations.

Jeremy MacKenzie declined to comment through his lawyer.

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