Chris Sky Claims Election Is “Largest Act Of Fraud In Canadian History” After Receiving 1.1% Of The Vote

Chris “Sky” Saccoccia and his followers began calling the election fixed before yesterday's voting began.

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Canadian Anti-Hate Network

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After over 100 candidates ran to occupy the mayor's office in Toronto yesterday, Olivia Chow has been declared the new mayor of Toronto. One candidate, number 82, has been claiming fraud since before the polls even closed.

Chris “Sky” Saccoccia, the son of a wealthy real estate developer who grew to prominence during the COVID-19 conspiracy theory street movement, ran for the role. Netting a reported total of 8,001 votes, Saccoccia accounted for 1.1 per cent, coming in ninth place. Despite these results, he and his supporters have declared the election as stolen. 

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“I have just exposed the largest act of fraud in Canadian history,” Saccoccia wrote on Twitter.  

The winner, Olivia Chow, took home 269,372 (37.17 per cent), while runner-up Ana Bailão earned 235,175 (32.45%). Saccoccia would also come well behind former Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders at 62,167 votes (8.58%) and former Toronto Sun columnist Anthony Furey at 35,899 (4.95%).

Saccoccia did manage to decisively beat Giorgio Mammoliti, a former Toronto city councillor, who garnered 1,105 or 0.15 percent, along with 93 other candidates. 

Coming in ninth place in Canada’s most populated city would be no small feat, however, Saccoccia has determined the election to be fraudulent. If evidence of this claim exists, it has not been made public. 

The accusations of fraud began before election day.

“Did you get the legal team ready for when they commit voter fraud,” one follower wrote on one of Saccoccia’s social media channels.

“They are going to rig the election with fraud mail-in ballots again,” wrote a supporter. 

Saccoccia has been making claims of fraud as early as June 8, the first day of advanced voting in Toronto. 

“Wouldn’t you know it, my supporters are showing up to the poll booths to vote and they’re getting error messages on the computer telling them that their vote has not been counted and they have to go see a pollster,” he said in a video recorded from the front seat of a car. “Already, the very first day, we’re seeing blatant signs of election fraud.”

He has also taken care to accuse some of his opponents of being in the pocket of transnational organizations like the World Economic Forum. When Bailão was endorsed by outgoing Mayor John Tory, Saccoccia posted a picture of Tory on the WEF website. Likewise, when Furey was endorsed by former Member of Parliament and Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird, he made a similar link. 

During the protest movement against pandemic health measures Saccoccia clashed with PPC leader Maxime Bernier and former Member of Provincial Parliament Randy Hillier. These conflicts put him at odds with some who would later come to endorse him as mayor, including Diagolon creator Jeremy MacKenzie. 

Many of these issues climaxed, including reporting by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network on Saccoccia’s history of statements that minimized or denied the Holocaust, when Rebel News’ David Menzies attempted to question him on the subject. 

Saccoccia chose to double down. 

“The only thing I've said about the Holocaust is when they tell you six million people died, that's a Biblical reference and it's about fulfilling a prophecy for the Jews to come home to their homeland and they've used that reference multiple times in media well before World War II going back all the way to the early 1900s.”

When Menzies asks if he stood by a years-old Facebook post stating that the fact that “six million Jews were murdered [during the Holocaust] is the biggest lie created in the history of fake Jew history,” Saccoccia responded “That’s true” before the pundit finished reading the sentence. 

“For someone to be able to go and say, especially in concentration camps, that this many people died a specific number that's complete hogwash there's no way of knowing how many people died. Do we know they were persecuted? One million percent, that's indisputable. Do we know they killed a very large number of people, probably in the millions? Yes. Do we know that they killed six million on the dot or six million that number? No, and nobody can prove that.”

When Menzies continued to press, citing the academic study of the Shoah, Saccoccia walked out. 

Saccoccia also has been the subject of a number of arrests and criminal investigations. The most recent of which saw him arrested for allegedly uttering death threats on June 5. In a video posted to social media the day before being arrested, Saccoccia posted a video blaming “deep state desperation,” stating “They want to make me seem unelectable.”

In May 2021, he faced other charges, including three counts of Uttering Death Threats, one count of Assaulting a Peace Officer with a Weapon, and one count of Dangerous Operation of a Conveyance. 

When contacted by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network Chris Saccoccia declined to provide comment.

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