EXPOSED: Prominent member of neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division is former soldier

A joint Canadian Anti-Hate Network and VICE Canada investigation reveals that a prominent member of the Neo-Nazi terror group Atomwaffen Division is serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Atomwaffen Division is organized in cells primarily based in the United States that has gone international, with chapters in Canada and Europe. Members are allegedly responsible for five murders in the span of eight months in the United States, and one cell was apprehended while preparing for an explosive attack.

Brandon Cameron, part of the Supplemental Reserve Force and a former soldier, acted as the go-between for Atomwaffen members in the United States and the Northern Order, an Atomwaffen affiliate in Canada.

Cameron advocates for the genocide of the Jewish people in the now-defunct neo-Nazi Iron March forums that gave birth to Atomwaffen. The Southern Poverty Law Center preserved posts on the forum, and provided that information to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network.

In online postings, he celebrated the murder of Blaze Bernstein, a gay Jewish student who, it is alleged, was stabbed to death by a member of the neo-Nazi terror organization. He has also advocated for killing journalists that expose their activities and identities.

“Cameron must be criminally charged for the distribution of hate propaganda and advocating for genocide,” says Bernie Farber, Chair of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. “We hope this finally leads Canada’s security services and law enforcement to acknowledge that right-wing extremism is a significant threat in Canada and to commit significant resources towards investigating and preventing the violence these groups aspire to inflict on Canadians.”

According to a Angus Reid poll on radicalization and homegrown terrorism published on July 12, 44 per cent of Canadians say that white supremacy is cause for “a great deal of concern.”

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network has now exposed three prominent Canadian neo-Nazis since its May launch. As a result of Canadian investigations, the alt-right neo-Nazis have closed one of their largest international forums to the public and deleted their largest Canadian podcast. This means it’s harder for them to radicalize and recruit.

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