Former Atomwaffen Propagandist Living In Ottawa Charged With Terrorism Offences

Better known as Dark Foreigner, Patrick Macdonald, kept his identity secret for years. Now he is facing three terror charges for his work as a propagandist for the Atomwaffen Division.

Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Instagram and RCMP

Patrick Gordon Macdonald, better known as Dark Foreigner, has been charged with three terror-related offences.

The RCMP report arrested two individuals in Ottawa, Ontario, and Kingsey Falls, Quebec following an investigation led by their Integrated National Security Enforcement Team (INSET). 

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The 26-year-old Macdonald is facing charges for participating in the activity of a terrorist group, facilitating terrorist activity, and the commission of offence for a terrorist group.

According to law enforcement, in April 2020, INSET received information on individuals allegedly involved in the activities of the terrorist group Atomwaffen Division. 

Macdonald’s Ottawa home was the subject of a raid in March 2022, while a separate search took place in central Quebec in June of that year, also in relation to Atomwaffen Division. 

A picture of Patrick Macdonald taken in 2015. Source: Instagram

“This case is the first in Canada in which an individual advocating a violent far-right ideology has been charged with both terrorism and hate propaganda,” the RCMP said in a release. 

“According to the investigation, Mr. Macdonald allegedly helped produce propaganda material for the benefit of the terrorist entity Atomwaffen Division.” 

Police allege he “participated in and facilitated the creation, production and distribution of three terrorist propaganda videos.” 

This material was intended to both promote and recruit members into AWD, as well as “encourages the commission of terrorist activities.”

The Atomwaffen Division was designated a terrorist entity by the Government of Canada in 2021. It is also an offence to knowingly participate in or contribute to any activity of a designated terrorist group, according to the government, though this participation is only an offence if its purpose is to enhance the ability of any terrorist group to facilitate or carry out terrorist activity.

The current designated list includes 60 different organizations, including the Taliban, the Islamic State, and as of 2019, Blood & Honour and its self-described militant wing Combat 18 were both designated. 

These were the first white terror organizations to ever be ranked in this way in Canada.

In July 2021, Vice News uncovered Macdonald’s identity as the prolific propagandist “Dark Foreigner." The Canadian Anti-Hate Network assisted in the identification. 

Multiple independent sources have told CAHN that Patrick Gordon Macdonald was at one time a member of the Ottawa Active Club

Active Clubs are a global decentralized movement of white-only workout clubs with chapters across Europe and North America. A previous investigation by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network discovered that Active Clubs across Canada are being run by members and affiliates of the Vinland Hammerskins, a violent white power gang.

The Atomwaffen Division was formed on the Iron March web forum -- a former digital home for fascist discussion, organizing, and propaganda creation. In 2020, James Mason, author of the book Siege who was later given the same designation as AWD, announced the group was disbanding.

Macdonald will appear at the Ottawa Courthouse on July 5. The second unnamed individual may face charges at a later date.


This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.

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