Halloween Another Opportunity To Peddle Hate By The Far-Right

Anti-2SLGBTQ+ flyers were reportedly being handed out to Children in Ontario during trick-or-treating.

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

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Halloween, for most, is a childhood holiday that sees costumed children going door to door receiving candy from their neighbours. The far and radical right however use it as a propaganda and advocacy opportunity. 

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With All Hallows’ Eve come and gone, Canada’s radical and far-right attempted to use the day as a means to spread their message, hold protests, or objections to Satanism encroaching on Canadian society – an old favourite.

In Kanata, Ontario, a suburb of Ottawa, a resident who wishes to remain anonymous, reported that while children were gathering candy, they also became the recipient of flyers from Action4Canada (A4C).  

A4C is a large political advocacy group founded by Tanya Gaw. Initially starting in British Columbia, but now claiming chapters in most major Canadian cities, according to their website, A4C embraces conspiracy theories ranging from “DNA mutations” caused by 5G cellular technology, the “climate change hoax,” and opposition to what they call political Islam – “Their goal is world domination, one nation at a time.”

Despite instructions from A4C to give the flyers to parents rather than children, a parent in Kanata who spoke to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network said they found the document in their child’s Halloween bag. 

Over the course of the pandemic, A4C and other plaintiffs brought a lawsuit challenging the Government of Canada over public health mandates. The case was halted after the judge said the complaint filed by their lawyer Rocco Galati was too long and winding. 

In his decision, BC Supreme Court Justice Alan Ross ruled the notice of civil claim to be a “story” and said the plaintiffs were more interested in turning the court into an “academy of science.”

“It describes wide-ranging global conspiracies that may, or may not, have influenced either the federal or the provincial governments. It seeks rulings of the court on issues of science. In addition, it includes improper allegations, including criminal conduct and ‘crimes against humanity.’ In my opinion, it is ‘bad beyond argument.’”

He did, however, leave the door open for the complaint to be resubmitted in a proper form. 

Besides COVID-19, the keystone in A4C’s activist arch of the past several years has been sex education in schools and “political LGBTQ activism.”

Ahead of the spooky Monday, A4C distributed a flyer online to its followers to be given to parents. Objecting to the inclusion of SOGI 123 (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) in schools, the flyer called the program a “Trojan horse” disguised as an anti-bullying campaign, but is “really intended to sexualize children at the earliest age possible.”

“The Canadian government, as well as the education system, has been infiltrated by radical LGBTQ activists who are using the SOGI 123 resource to promote homosexuality and transgender ideology, and normalize sexual deviancy,” the flyer reads.

It encourages parents to present A4C’s signature “Notice of Liability” to schools. This is a tactic the group has deployed around COVID-19 health mandates as well. 

A4C’s anti-SOGI campaign is not new and their newsletters regularly not only object to comprehensive sex education, but accuse schools of taking part in grooming children. 

“The LGBTQ sexual predators are actively involved in the school systems and ready to pounce on any child who has been indoctrinated by their lies. Secret societies and grooming clubs are set up within the school to quickly embrace a student’s newly acquired dysphoria and provide immediate acceptance, support and inclusion.”

Portion of the flyer Action4Canada distributed to its followers ahead of Halloween. Source: Action4Canada

The appearance in Kanata is the only report to come in of the flyers being distributed in person, despite the link to the flyers being widely shared across a variety of social media platforms and sent out in an email from A4C addressed specifically to parents. 

No Halloween would be complete without conspiratorial moral panic over the looming spectre of Satanism. Filling the role of the mom from Detroit Rock City is former Canadian Olympic figure skater and current life coach Jamie Sale. Sale received a gold medal in mixed pairs figure skating during the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics but has since used the fame to push a number of bizarre but familiar conspiracy theories.

Alongside the hashtags “#satanicagenda” and “#crimesagainstchildren” Sale swore she would “never again” take part in Halloween, adding “when you know what this day is about, you won’t either.”

Other online postings from Sale include prominent anti-vaccine activist Robert Kennedy and various claims about the World Economic Forum. On Twitter, a pinned post is a quote misattributed to Mel Gibson claiming he stated that “Hollywood is an institutionalized pedophile ring” and a “den of parasites who feast on the blood of children.” 

“Every studio in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children.”

On Instagram, Sale has promoted a video interview with Markus Ray – a sovereign citizen who made headlines after voicing a vague plan to occupy a court building during the summer. Other posts reference the “great awakening,” a common refrain among QAnon followers. 

Sale’s role as an activist has seen her appear with anti-2SLGBTQ Pastor Artur Pawlowski in October for an event called “Fire & Ice.” 

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