Sovereign Citizens Attempting To Organize Occupation of Courthouse

Waiting until they obtain “critical mass,” two Canadians following an obscure pseudo-legal philosophy are being lambasted for plans to force a court to listen to their ramblings.

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Exposing the “foundational truths” of the legal system while sitting in a dark room and black chair, Christopher James Pritchard has been engaged in his own brand of spiritual warfare against the legal system for years. Now, desperate to stand in front of a judge and recite the magic words he believes will free Canadians (and humanity) from the yoke of the judiciary, he has teamed up with a new partner to make that happen. 

The solution: a vague plan to occupy an unidentified courthouse. 

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Pritchard has been producing his live stream, A Warrior Calls, for over two years – though he claims his revelations about the legal system were reached after “20 years of investigation.” On his show, Pritchard has featured guests ranging from a member of the Ontario Provincial Police to discredited doctors and academics. A supporter of the broad and often confusing pseudo-legal strategy referred to commonly as the “Sovereign Citizen” movement, Pritchard has teamed up with Marcus Anthony Ray – the pen name of Mark Chilcott, an author, public speaker, and now, a new activist for Pritchard's cause. 

Ray first was featured as a guest on A Warrior Calls on May 20, 2022, and has since appeared beside Pritchard several times for interviews on other streams. Ray, often wearing a cowboy hat, explained his idea to answer Pritchard's calls to “powerfully and lawfully” use “love to bring this to a public courthouse.”

“We trying to make these people accountable for the atrocities they’re performing on humanity right now,” Ray told Pritchard during their first interview. 

The mechanics of how this will be performed is unclear. What is said is that the two men plan to recruit the military and police to help them “stand their ground” to allow Pritchard to deliver his message to a judge. 

“We have to form a line and protect a person like you,” he told Pritchard. “A person who is going to go get the truth for us. My job is to give you a chance.”

Ray’s background beyond his more public exploits is somewhat obscured. He describes himself as an “entrepreneur,” sometimes citing a past bankruptcy during interviews. His Linkedin profile includes a multiple decades-long career building and designing furniture (a Mark Chilcott is listed as the secretary of a British Columbia furniture business with the Better Business Bureau) and touts his experience as a public speaker. His only published work is a book “Seven Years Of Skin,” detailing his foray into the world of male exotic dancing. 

During the blockades that took over the streets of Ottawa in February 2022, Ray began posting videos in support of the truckers. Despite posts to his Instagram account calling for more support for health care workers early on during the pandemic, Ray appears to have changed his tune somewhat. 

“The Canadian way of life is threatened and there will be an Uprising and chaos,” he wrote in a Twitter reply on March 27. “It’s inevitable when you try to crush the wheel [sic] of the people.”

During one of his talks with Pritchard, Ray was more specific about his actual concerns, citing his belief in a global conspiracy around, not the response by governments to the pandemic, but the fabrication of the entire global health event. He calls this a fight of good versus evil, and one in the middle of a plan that has been taking place for “hundreds of years.”

“I used to say [society is] falling apart, but now I realize it’s being torn apart,” he said. It’s being done on purpose. To gain control of something you tear it down … That’s what’s happening to the country of Canada right now. They’re tearing it down, they’re going to starve us out and then they’re going to build us back up. And once you’re at your most hungry, they’ll offer you a little bit of money.”

Other statements claim that the “New World Order” plans to take over “Canada with the WHO (World Health Organization).”

Ray did not respond to our request for comment on this story.



The reaction to the plan among Pritchard’s following has been largely positive and supportive of the loosely formed idea. Pritchard has regularly called for members of the military and law enforcement to “uphold their oaths” and return to serving the people.

This particular plan, however, has not been particularly well-received among others in the self-proclaimed “Freedom Movement.”

One organization, Police On Guard For Thee, cites the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as the reason for opposing public health measures. A press release in January outlined their intention to challenge COVID restrictions in court with the aid of constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati.

They responded to reports of Ray using their name by removing him from its membership.

“Marcus Ray makes several claims that Police on Guard have not been able to substantiate.  He further claims that two Police on Guard members, retired Cpl. Danny Bulford and retired CAF Lt. Sean Taylor support his initiative. Police on Guard administration can emphatically state these claims to be false,” a statement to the organization’s Facebook read.

“Police on Guard is extremely concerned with the content of Marcus Ray’s talks and action he’s claiming to take in the next few weeks. POG will not condone or support anything other than legal court actions against our Governments at any level.  POG has always and will always advocate for a peaceful resolution in the restoration of our charter rights for all Canadians. We are and will continue to exhaust any peaceful avenues to come to a successful conclusion in defence of our charter.”

Diagolon concept creator and conspiratorial live streamer Jeremy MacKenzie went a little further in his criticism. 

“What do you call someone who's actively fulfilling the government's wish to have an armed, violent, right-wing uprising incident that checks every stereotype box they need to outlaw the government's political opposition, turn public opinion and round people up?

“If you said, ‘Fed’ you're right!

“We also would have accepted ‘Marcus Ray.’”




The specifics of Sovereign Citizen belief can vary from individual to individual, but many including Pritchard choose to believe that since they did not agree to a contract with the Government of Canada, which he calls a “service corporation,” they are not bound by laws written by men. Participation in the system, starting as early as the issuing of birth certificates, serve as documents that bind individuals to the state. The Sovereign Citizen ideology is prevalent within the COVID-19 conspiracy movement, as well as the general “patriot” movement.

“A Sovereign Citizen is an oxymoron,” Pritchard wrote in response to a request for comment to a previous story. “Sovereign applies to we the people given dominion over the earth from our creator.

“A Citizen is a legal term/slave created by service corporations (Such as Ontario or Canada, ect) based on Maritime/Admiralty Law (law of sea). That is why it is called citizenSHIP [sic]. Once you understand the depths of the constructive fraud occurring against us all when born (not birthed which is a shipping term).”

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