“It’s A Bioweapon”: Man Alleging To Be Toronto Police Officer Promotes QAnon On Sovereign Citizen Live Stream

William Kay is a constable with the 42 division of Toronto Police. Like over 100 of the city’s officers, he says he has been placed on unpaid leave for not disclosing his vaccine status. The same day his leave began, Kay appeared on a live stream calling the vaccine a “bio-weapon” and told viewers to watch a documentary that overtly endorses the QAnon belief system.

Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

William Kay, a police constable with the Toronto Police Service, appeared on a sovereign citizen live stream, the same day Kay said his unpaid leave began for failing to disclose his vaccination status. 

First noticed by an anti-fascist researcher, on the same show Kay told viewers to watch the “Fall of the Cabal,” an over three-hour-long documentary that details numerous wide-ranging and baseless claims made by QAnon adherents. 

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A representative from the Toronto Police Service confirmed they do have a member named William Kay at 42 division, but would not say if they are the same as the man claiming to be an officer. There are also media reports that mention a detective constable by that name, but no pictures are available. 

A photograph of Kay in uniform was provided to the show and featured in its preview graphic

Source: A Warrior Calls

“Just in the last couple months, we’ve been constantly emailed contact by supervisors, superintendents, inspectors, wanting to know the status of our vaccinations as they call it,” Kay said to the show’s host, Christopher James Pritchard. “It’s not a vaccination, it’s an injection. It’s a bioweapon, it’s dangerous, it’s going to kill people.”

During his appearance on the stream, Kay said he was a 23-year veteran of the TPS after graduating with a degree in social work from Ryerson University. 

If Kay is who he appears to be, he was likely placed on unpaid leave due to an unwillingness to disclose his vaccination status. This would make him among the 117 uniformed members who were reportedly placed on leave. An additional 88 civilian members also did not disclose their status. A total of 98% of officers are fully vaccinated, according to TPS. 

“I went in today and turned in my badge, my warrant card and my pistol. Sounds like termination to me.”


The Film


Before the close of the interview, Kay told viewers that they should watch a movie created by Dutch conspiracy theorist Janet Ossebaard. Titled “Fall of the Cabal,” the documentary is a series of images and videos played under Ossebaard’s narration that rapid-fires through a smattering of the numerous twists and turns taken by the conspiracy theory. Divided into 10 parts, the just short of three hours long full feature traces the major plot points of Pizzagate, adrenochrome harvesting from children, and of course, the existence of Q, the now silent digital prophet that until December 2020, released thousands of messages on imageboards like 4chan, 8chan, and finally 8kun. 

A big tent conspiracy, QAnon incorporates both new and old theories into its belief system. Rather than requiring followers to believe every aspect, they can choose the aspects that appeal to them while discarding the others. For instance, the self-declared queen of Canada, Romana Didulo -- recently in the news for telling members of her “military” to “shoot to kill” anyone administering vaccines to children -- exists as part of the QAnon ecosystem, but not all anons will agree with her claims to northern royalty. 

Ossebaard is an author and content creator whose original work in the conspiracy space appears to have been focused primarily on crop circles and aliens.

“One suggestion if I could put it out there, I found that Janet Ossebaard is a very talented woman,” Kay said during the stream, naming the film and where prospective viewers could find it. 

At multiple points during the program, Kay repeated the seemingly benign mantra of “do your own research,” a common phrase repeated by anons. 

“People are lazy at this moment, no fault of their own and they have to wake up to what’s going on … If not they’re going to see a lot of family members pass,” he said in reference to vaccines. 

“We need to keep trying to wake these people up.”


Conspiracy Cops


Kay is not the first member of law enforcement to appear on the stream. Police Constable Gabriel Proulx, then a member of the Ontario Provincial Police, appeared touting a document both he and Pritchard stamped in their own blood. The most recent episode also included repeated mentions of a video call between Pritchard, Kay, and an unknown number of people purported to be officers who refuse to take the vaccine. This claim has not been verified. 

Elsewhere online, others have made statements that show the QAnon belief system may exist in other forms within the TPS. A member of the more than 70,000 follower channel that broadcasts self-declared Queen of Canada Romana Didulo’s messages claims to be a civilian employee in the service, and shared a letter they allege to be from the TPS advising that if they continued to fail to disclose their vaccination status they would be placed on unpaid leave. 

Throughout hundreds of messages to one of Didulo’s Telegram chats, the alleged employee parrots QAnon phrases and beliefs -- and a deep devotion to their preferred head of state. 

“The current queen Elizabeth II (what people think for Canada) doesn't exist anymore. So we all have to wait and see. Queen Elizabeth II was the queen before. Now white hats have selected [Didulo]. So we all have to be patience [sic] to see when she publicly announce [sic] it. But in my opinion, she is doing a lot for Canadians and the world behind the scene [sic],” the supporter wrote. 

In response to a post about the worldwide darkness and shut down of TV, radio and internet that Didulo claims will precede her takeover, the supporter replied, “This needs to happen today. Otherwise, we will be loosing [sic] our jobs as of November 30th. We are being forced to take vaccine [sic] by the Toronto Police Service.”


A Warrior Calls


The stream featuring Kay, A Warrior Calls, is hosted by Christopher James Pritchard an influential member of what is often called the Sovereign Citizen movement. Sovereigns, as they prefer to be called, hold an ideology rooted in a disparate and loosely connected legal concoction that shares the belief that western systems of justice do not apply to individuals who have chosen to not “opt-in.” 

The specifics of Sovereigns’ beliefs can vary from individual to individual, but many including Pritchard choose to believe that since they did not agree to a contract with the Government of Canada, which he calls a “service corporation,” they are not bound by laws written by men. Participation in the system, starting as early as the issuing of birth certificates, serve as documents that bind individuals to the state. The Sovereign Citizen ideology is prevalent within the COVID-19 conspiracy movement, as well as the general “patriot” movement, with a marked uptick in the days of the Yellow Vests, many of whom continue to protest and push conspiratorial viewpoints on the pandemic. 

“A Sovereign Citizen is an oxymoron,” Pritchard wrote in response to a request for comment on a previous article. “Sovereign applies to we the people given dominion over the earth from our creator.

“A Citizen is a legal term/slave created by service corporations (Such as Ontario or Canada, ect) based on Maritime/Admiralty Law (law of sea). That is why it is called citizenSHIP [sic]. Once you understand the depths of the constructive fraud occurring against us all when born (not birthed which is a shipping term).”   

Pritchard has also been documented giving legal advice to members of the COVID-19 conspiracy movement.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network has reached out to Christopher James Pritchard and William Kay for comment and will update accordingly.

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