Self Declared Queen Of Canada Calling For US Supporters To Invade Canada And Prepare To Execute “Traitors”

Romana Didulo, a QAnon adherent who commands the attention of over 70,000 followers is now calling for armed believers on both sides of the border to cross over and begin “duck hunting season.”

Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

After months of promising executions and coming violence, a woman claiming to be the true head of state in Canada is now asking her over 70,000 followers to take up arms and start making arrests this week.

Previously, Romana Didulo of Victoria, BC, has issued a series of usually bizarre and often overtly threatening promises of coming events, including the summary execution of any individuals who ignore a series of cease and desist letters delivered and mailed to businesses, institutions, and individuals across the country. Didulo is the leader of a sect within the QAnon conspiracy theory which believes in her self-declared status as Queen of Canada. 

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Didulo’s unlikely rise to prominence in the post-Q QAnon sphere -- the Q account has been silent since late 2020 -- was initially boosted when a handful of influential conspiracy theorists shared and endorsed a video of Didulo declaring herself royalty. Her follower count on an encrypted chat app now sits well over 70,000 people on her most popular channel.

Issuing multiple declarations a day, for several weeks much of the focus has been on preparing “Duck Hunters,” a term explicitly referring to followers she has asked to arm themselves and carry out arrests against teachers, politicians, nurses, social workers, doctors and “everyone and anyone assisting in the injecting of coronavirus bioweapon into children,” according to a recent post.

Over the weekend, Didulo named Monday, November 22, as the day “hunting season” would begin. Separate private chat groups were created for vetted hunters in Canada and the US. Potential members were instructed to request to join the groups provided they are “ready, willing and able” to accept the invitation, and had the “training” and “tools.”

The Canadian room sits at 76 members, at time of writing.

Source: Encrypted chat app

Didulo further made a post directed toward her American supporters which included a list of professions and facilities approved for arrest. “You will enter Canada as Queen Romana’s Special Forces / Special Guests and will have full power to carry out the orders I have listed above,” Didulo wrote. 

“Please, use airports, hospitals, schools, stadiums, and other public venues to hold and detain all traitors. They will stay there until Military Tribunal is held for each one of them until the day they are executed via firing squad or hanging.”

Other instructions include taking control of all newspaper, radio, and television stations -- “I will make public Statements from shortly thereafter” -- as well as seizing the border. Moreover, she recently directed her “military” to “Shoot to kill anyone who tries to inject children under the age of 19 years old with Coronavirus19 vaccines/ bioweapons or any other vaccines.”


Queen’s Loyalists


Didulo’s claims, promises and commands can seem farcical, but should not be dismissed. Far more worrying than the rhetoric coming from one individual who appears to be living in a boarding house on Vancouver Island, is the people who have chosen to follow her.

Sometimes claiming to be guided by divine beings or aliens, in the past applying photo filters to her own selfies as a representative of what these creatures look like, and repeating claims to control the military, police and more, the unlikely royal has a knack for mobilizing her following into real-life action.

Didulo sorts followers into smaller regional groups in order to distribute and log the delivery of home-printed “cease and desist” letters. No regional C&D group approaches anywhere near the follower count of her main channel. Nonetheless, while each province and territory also has its own channel, so does each continent and many countries. 

Businesses and government agencies that continue to enforce the mask mandates and public health measures will be remembered for their crimes and later prosecuted. 

The penalty is almost always said to be death.

According to Vice World News, an elementary school was targeted by her followers, who arrived on scene to distribute anti-vaccine information while classes were taking place. Businesses across the country have reported seeing letters in the mail or hand-delivered to their door. 

Monitoring of the cease and desist groups shows hundreds of letters sent out to public and private institutions. The latest call, however, is an escalation. 

“To our Duck Hunters Brothers and Sisters in the US,” Didulo wrote in November of 2021, “US and Canada have the longest unpatrolled borders in the whole world.”  

Didulo’s political party, dubbed the Canada1st Party of Canada claims on its website that they are “NOT part of or beholden to the corrupted and inhumane Globalists/Communists/ NWO/ UN/ Great Reset/2021/2030Agenda,” and takes familiar cues from various far-right populist groups over the last few years such as the Yellow Vests and other conspiracy-based online movements. 

Many of her followers do not appear to be located in Canada, and her initial endorsements come from prominent British and American QAnon content creators. Of those in Canada, one appears to be Gabriel Proulx. Proulx is a member of the Ontario Provincial Police -- though he has said in the past he is on medical leave -- who has recently taken to appearing on conspiracy-laden live streams promoting a pseudo-legal strategy that, among other things, denies the ability of the police to enforce the law.

On an encrypted chat room run on the same app as Didulo’s, Proulx’s profile photo uses the Canada 1st Party’s official flag.

Gabriel Proulx did not respond to a request for comment.


A New Venture


Didulo was previously listed as the president or director of a variety of companies, according to publicly available information. With names like Infinite Wealth 24.7 and Canada Engineering & Construction Management, some of these entities list themselves in London, England, while purporting to conduct business in Canada. 

Like many of the companies affiliated with Didulo, the engineering firm was delisted due to a failure to file taxes. 

Didulo is the only publicly listed employee in all businesses that we were able to find under her name. Beyond the registration itself, the only mention of any dealings is on one site called Towards Excellence which Didulo took a business course through and included a glowing testimonial. She would later describe the instructor of Towards Excellence as her mentor in a blog post. 

This appears to be the starting point for her recidivistic incorporation of private companies with questionable output. 

The first company appears to be Global Solutions Canada (also called 24 Hours Care Inc). Didulo Holdings Inc followed in 2012, with a company office listed in BC, but registered in Wilmington, Delaware. An archived webpage for the site describes it as a "boutique private wealth management company" in Delaware that caters to "high net worth individuals.”

Other ventures include a fundraising campaign to buy bulletproof vests for dogs that managed to fetch just under $30.

Many of the recent companies under Didulo’s name, including Canada1st Party of Canada, are registered to an address in Victoria. 

Q is the name of an anonymous poster on an internet imageboard, while followers are called “anons.” Q was only verifiable by their unique login and in three years left over 4,000 messages across three different online image boards -- 4chan, 8chan, and 8kun. Some of these notes are cryptic, vague, and terse, while others are long and specific, and all allegedly contain information about the former president’s war against the “Deep State.”

With the exception of a recent post to a private Q-board credited to someone named “B,” the original Q has been silent since December 8, 2020.

The most startling act committed in Canada by a QAnon adherent appears to be when Corey Hurren of Manitoba drove a pick-up truck filled with firearms, guns, and a message for the prime minister on July 2, 2020. 

In October 2020, Press Progress published a report tying a candidate for The Saskatchewan Party to social media posts expressing support for COVID-19 and QAnon conspiracy theories. Daryl Cooper quickly resigned his position, but told Global News it was primarily to avoid becoming a “distraction in the debate about the important issues facing our province," adding he had done nothing wrong. 

PPC Leader Maxime Bernier also drew scrutiny when he tweeted out a video by Polly “Amazing Polly” St George, a popular QAnon influencer based in Ontario. St George has since been removed from YouTube as part of a large sweep of prominent Q accounts across major tech platforms. She has continued to broadcast on alternative platforms. 

Also caught up in the bans was Alexis Cossette-Trudel, host of a popular French-language Q-based YouTube channel. According to the CBC, Radio Quebec had over 120,000 subscribers when the platform removed the account for "repeatedly violating our community guidelines regarding COVID-19 misinformation." 

Romana Didulo did not respond to a request for comment.

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