High School Employee Shares Racist, Violent Fantasies On Facebook

An employee at a high school in Ontario has been using his social media to post vile racist, anti-Muslim, antisemitic, anti-2SLGBTQ, and misogynistic content alongside calls to start "targeting" journalists. 

Hazel Woodrow

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Facebook

A staff member at a Catholic high school in Hamilton, Ontario, has been actively promoting hate and COVID-19 disinformation on his personal Facebook page. 

Timothy Juhlke works directly with students at St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School, while also frequently posting racist, anti-Muslim, antisemitic, anti-2SLGBTQ, and misogynistic content to Facebook under the name TJ Dread.

On more than one occasion, these posts carry a violent tone.

"Justin actually lost but cheated and imported terrorists to vote for him," Juhlke said about the 2019 federal election, referring to a conspiracy theory that the Liberal party has increased immigration in order to grow their voting base. 

On various occasions, he has also described Muslims as "cave people" and "Muzzies" and said that Muslims "should never be allowed in any western government anywhere in the first place."

Source: Facebook

In March, when Juhlke posted a meme calling the prime minister of New Zealand a "pretender" for wearing a hijab after the Christchurch shooting to stand in solidarity with the Islamic community, a friend of his commented that Canada should "send most back," but clarified, "I hate their culture not their skin, I'm not racist just a Canadian who loves 'our' way of life." 

Juhlke did not make even this small concession.

""F#%k em (sic)," he responded. "I hate them for every single reason. They hate us, so why should I care? Scumbags."

On the topic of the Islamist extremist suicide bomb attack on an Ariana Grande concert in 2017, and Justin Trudeau's response, Juhlke posted a picture of a body hanging from a tree and the words, "In the past, if you got caught helping the enemy you were hung (sic) for treason. Why Should (sic) it be any different today?"

Its caption read, "For (Justin Trudeau), antifa, and all apologists."

In his next comment, he threatened, "Anyone defending these animals to me on here or in person ever again will be in the shock of their lives," and commented elsewhere on the post: "When I encounter apologists now they will just be put to sleep. Traitors."

In a caption on a meme suggesting that women are choosing men based on survival skills, Juhlke wrote "Time for the frosted flakes, metros, and man buns to die out 😂," and then clarified in the comments that he was referring to men who are attracted to men.

Juhlke is also a staunch COVID-19 denier, referring to those who accept the scientific consensus on the virus as "absolutely vile creatures" who "would be the first ones goosestepping around Berlin and Moscow."

Juhlke's COVID-19 denial also includes expressing violent fantasies.

"Global reset talk. Not even hiding it," he wrote in the comments of a post about vaccines. "I plan on taking a few henchmen out if possible."

Juhlke has repeatedly promoted the idea that COVID-19 is part of a globalist plot, and explicitly identified "the authors of globalization (sic)" as "the unmentionable tribe," a common antisemitic stand-in for Jews.

In other posts, he's made comments about the "group that invented communism, all of the isms and the war of ideas to undermine us all," another antisemitic trope. 

In addition to posting on his Facebook profile, Juhlke has also sent harassing messages.

In 2012, it appears he emailed Warren Kinsella, "You need to be slapped out you fucking pathetic excuse for a man. This country was made by white people for white people and if you don’t like it get the fuckout."

Kinsella posted a copy of the email to his website

Within the last year, he contacted journalist Nora Loreto twice.

"Why don't you shut your ignorant mentally ill mouth before someone shuts it for you pig. You need to be knocked out you disgusting creature. It's time to war on you and yours," he wrote in 2019, adding a year later it was "time to start targeting scumbag commie so called journalists like you."

Hasan Hai, an activist based in Newfoundland and Labrador, contacted us after publication with screenshots of messages that appear to be from Juhlke's Facebook account.

"F*ck you terrorist," a June 2020 message reads. "You will be leaving shortly."

Hai is a former provincial Liberal candidate and public figure known for local charity work.

"Targeting a random person of colour to call them a terrorist and threaten them is reprehensible," he said when asked for comment. "I can only imagine what kind of stress and even trauma he subjected people to." 

Juhlke's position at St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School is likely not the first time he has worked with young and vulnerable people. He has described working for the Children's Aid Society, the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health, and multiple schools in the Toronto Catholic District School Board on social media. 

"While we are unable to comment on personnel matters," the Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board wrote in response to a request for comment, adding, "we do take allegations of hate speech, xenophobia, antisemitism, and racism very seriously and will be undertaking a full investigation into this matter."

Timothy Juhlke did not respond to our requests for comment before publication.

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