Lauded Custom Guitar Guru Found To Be Host Of Racist, Antisemitic Vlog Telling Men To Leave Women Behind

Hours-long screeds of naming the “Joo” and extreme misogyny are what pepper the massive vlogging history of an eccentric guitar maker.

Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

It takes a certain type of client to purchase an axe from Zachary Guitars.

The original website stated that “You must QUALIFY first. That's right, qualify. Would you expect anything less when wanting to own the best electric guitar in the world?”

While the latest website is a little sleeker when it comes to design, it asks for an email to the owner to learn the current requirements for a handmade electric six-string. 

By all appearances, this production line is a one-man show, with the marquee performance being the slow and steady number of guitars its owner, Alex Csiky, makes by hand each year from his home in Windsor, Ontario. 

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“You will see videos of Alex playing and demonstrating the guitars and other related gear he makes and offers for sale to the lucky few. You can contact Alex directly and get all the info you need,” a description for a since-abandoned YouTube channel read. “If you think you can actually play the guitar, I want to hear from you.”

He’s been lauded in Esquire Magazine for his unusual commitment to building unique guitars. Alongside the instruments, he also sells custom strings and pedals, though the former is now only available for people who were selected to own one of his guitars. 

Multiple forum posts across musician forums mention Csiky’s guitars but more typically focus on his alleged bizarre treatment of customers, his demands to see them play and combative nature. 

“Visit Zachary Guitars to see if you're worthy,” Esquire wrote about him in 2007. 

Eight years later, Csiky published his first known video commentary on Jan 30, 2015, citing his allegiance with the virulent misogynistic and anti-feminist Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) movement. 


Going His Own Way


A misogynistic ideology of “male separatists,” MGTOW’s ranks are made up of mostly straight, white, middle-class men from North America and Europe. They espouse the abandonment of women as a means of saving a society corrupted by feminism, “gynocentrism,” and that the male gender role traps men as silent breadwinners. Among other niche far-right influential Canadians in this space is neo-Nazi Brandon Martinez, an Omegle troll and avowed fascist. 

Csiky’s point of entry to the movement is unclear, but in 2015, he began putting out content that bears the MGTOW moniker, often in video titles. His early content paints a picture of an already profoundly developed misogyny, long before he would unveil the wildly antisemitic and racist beliefs that would be a regular talking point only a few years later. 

“A lot of the great MGTOW guys on here, and I respect every one of them, because they are intelligent, and they are very wise and they give great information and insight, knowledge, to men who may not have come up with this or were not aware of it,” Csiky said from in front of a cloth background in a sleeveless shirt. “So it’s a very important thing the MGTOW guys are doing.”

Responding to another member of the community, the MGTOW bodybuilder Lui Marco, he says “For women, [a relationship is] a business contract. They play for keeps, the babies and a nest, an emotional tampon and a man they can belittle and takedown to nothing.” 

In other videos he turns his ire towards 2SLGBTQ+ people, specifically singling out lesbians in one video. 

“Lesbians are not women. Some might look like women, some don’t look like women at all,” he said in a December 2016 video titled “White Genocide through the Creation of the New White Male and Female. “These lesbian feminists who led you down this path were not just regular lesbian, they were Jewish lesbians and there’s quite a few of those around. Jewish lesbians, nothing rare about that one.”

Besides laying the demographic change and population decline of historically European of North America and Europe at the feet of the “Joo” -- his preferred pejorative spelling for Jewish people -- Csiky also alleges that the spread of homosexuality and specifically lesbians are a key piece of the plot. 

“Just to show you how clever Jews are in case you didn’t realize it, for this genocide of white, there’s no need for concentration camps. There’s no need for gas chambers, or as Jews put it, ovens. It’s a much better design. Apparently, the German design was not cracked up to what it was supposed to be. Boy, were they sloppy.”

Others point to the much more common trope of people of colour being brought in to replace white people “in their own country,” according to Csiky, referring to non-white migrants as a “foreign army” with no concern about “massacring” the “native white population.”

“You bring in the migrants, the lowest classes. The lowest status individuals from around the world,” he says, the background obscured in shadows. “You flood Europe with it, you flood America with it, flood Canada with it, flood Australia with them. The remaining white women will just give themselves up, give themselves over to these invaders from the third world. Have relations with them, and racially mix with them by having offsprings from these third world, lower status, lower level, uneducated, unskilled, uncultured, substandard, impoverished individuals.”

“It’s a done deal right?”


While His Guitar Gently Weeps

Csiky promotes himself as a counsellor for troubled listeners. A website for another instrument repair business he ran claims he graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree, while a social media account under Csiky’s name lists a degree in psychology. 

“I met a lot of idiots in University, half of them were professors and the other half were on their way to becoming professors. I was determined to work with my hands and not to ever get a regular job,” he said in an autobiographical “about us” section.

He now offers services as a personal counsellor and relationship coach. Fans of his videos can follow links to a few Paypal accounts (with one bearing the username “AllWomenAreWhores”) to make deposits, pay for sessions, and support the cause -- his cause.

The “one-on-one psychological counselling and guidance” for those who need assistance “resolving personal, social, or psychological difficulties, trauma from current or past relationships, addictions, a change in life direction or anything else making you unhappy or holding you back,” runs USD $50 per hour.

“I've been doing a lot of sessions lately; very interesting stuff talking to a lot of people. If you want a session, if you got something that puzzles you, if you had a revelation in your life, if you had a trauma in your life, if you had a relationship go bad or not materialize, if you're struggling at all with anything in life then you can talk to me and I'm going to show you a different perspective and bring some things to the table that you can work with and make proper decisions. That's the whole idea, make rational decisions.”

The effect of bouncing from video platforms like YouTube to alt-tech platforms has increasingly drained his following with every jump. His most prominent life advice account remains and has a subscriber list of close to 5,000 people. By no measure a robust following, his most popular video, “Women Hate Themselves ... Be JUDGMENTAL!!! MGTOW” managed to net over 30,000 views, with others reaching closer to this mark. 

Most odd, the exodus from YouTube appears to have been voluntary. 

The channel’s last video is a still, soundless image of Csiky posing with travel-size bottles of hand sanitizer. Without comment, it leaves a link to his new channel on an alternate platform. While still producing videos sometimes ranging from four or five hours in a single sitting, he intersplices commentary on his commentary. Previous recordings tell his viewers that they need to support him and other creators like him financially. 

“We're into profound and tangible reality type of content here life changing things and a lot of the times many topics that we are no longer permitted not to just talk about but we're not even permitted to think about. So creators as myself and others, we are doing very important work we are creating a community for you which is also not permissible and subject to punishment under the tyrannical regime that all of the West is under.”

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