Neo-Nazi Paralegal We Exposed Now Under Investigation By Law Society Of Ontario

He’s file #2020-248312.

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Facebook

Everett Ross Field once used the anonymity of the internet to brag about everything from racism to blackmail. Under the screen name “Red Serge,” he posted a prolific amount of hateful content in encrypted chat rooms with other neo-Nazis, hosted meet-ups of its membership, and more.

While the owner of Everett Field Paralegal was able to cloak his beliefs for years while posting in these spaces, he may now face consequences for his actions.

We published an article in December exposing Field as the man behind the Red Serge account. Now, we have been informed by the professional body that regulates his profession that an investigation has been launched into his conduct. 

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“Based on the information provided in your article, dated December 8, 2020, at, the Law Society of Ontario has authorized an investigation into the conduct of the Paralegal, Everett Ross Field,” an LSO investigator wrote in an email. 

According to the Law Society, Field is being investigated for the following: 

  • engaging in discriminatory/racist/misogynist conduct
  • engaging in incivility
  • engaging in conduct that was otherwise dishonourable.

According to Ontario’s Law Society Act, licensees found by a hearing to have “contravened professional misconduct or conduct unbecoming a paralegal” can face a number of repercussions. 

These include the suspension or revocation of a member’s licence, a fine of up to $100,000, a restriction on the types of law that can be practiced, and more. 

We identified Field by comparing biographical details -- including a unique translation of his name -- shared in a white supremacist Discord server and publicly available information about him. The Canadian Anti-Hate Network also used social media accounts to verify Field's identity. 

Field posted over 2,600 times in the Canadian Super Players (CSP) Discord server in under a year, until it was infiltrated by anti-fascists from Montreal. He was also a special guest on an episode of the now-defunct neo-Nazi podcast This Hour Has 88 Minutes

On 88 Minutes, Field told the hosts that he had met former Prime Minister Stephen Harper multiple times, and assured them that Harper was "red pilled on ethnic issues... specifically voting patterns."

"In terms of demographics, he was a cuckservative," Field told the hosts, "he felt that he couldn't address that issue but from meeting him behind closed doors, he certainly did want to address it." 

In the same episode, Field used his legal expertise to "red pill" the hosts on hate speech laws, and lay out the boundaries of "what you can and cannot say." Later in the episode, Field boasted about using his knowledge of the law to his advantage when confronted about his use of hateful language. 

“When you work in the legal field like I am, and you want to be as offensive as I am, you can very easily hold people over the fire. I've got a few guys I can basically blackmail with assault charges. Because I said the n-word at a bar and they decided to try and punch me... Well now I get to basically bend them over a barrel, fist them up the ass, legally speaking of course, and all of it translates to money. It's hilarious that I'm doing the opposite of the Jew move. Normally it's like 'oh my god you said n-----,' but I get to say it and then bend them over because of it. Most of these guys have heeb [an insult against Jewish people] last names too. So it's just beautiful, the way I'm twisting the legal system. I anglo'd them...When you out-Jew a Jew.”

He made similar comments in the CSP chat about a Jewish classmate at Mohawk College: "I will troll the shit out of him. I am going to be the anglo bully and he's the Jewish nerd." 

Taking action against hate-spreaders using their positions in this way is one of the reasons why our work is so important. If you feel the same, and can spare it, please donate.  

Everett Field declined to comment when contacted about our original story. 

With files from Hazel Woodrow.

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