Police Shoot Man During Arrest Over Alleged Online Threats Towards Politicians

After Germain Lemay allegedly threatened both the Canadian Prime Minister and the Premier of Quebec, police officers say they shot the 30-year-old man through a window.

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Screen capture of Germain Lemay taken from Melinda Stickles' social media account. Source: Tiktok

A Quebec man was shot by police after they claimed to be attempting to arrest him for threatening Premier François Legault and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. 

Germain Lemay is reportedly in stable condition and the incident is currently being investigated by the Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes (BEI). 

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According to BEI, an independent body that investigates police actions that result in injuries, on September 27 at approximately 5 pm, the Groupe Tactical d’intervention (GTI) de la Sûreté du Québec reportedly entered a private residence to arrest a person in connection with an alleged criminal offence. 

News reports indicate this individual is Lemay and located outside of Scotstown, QC. 

An officer reported seeing an individual through a window of the residence holding a firearm pointed at the door where law enforcement was attempting to enter the building.

The officer reportedly shot the man holding the firearm through the window, injuring them. According to the press release, the injured suspect was provided first aid and taken to a hospital where his condition would be considered stable.

Six BEI investigators have been assigned to investigate the circumstances of the shooting, police say. 

The BEI investigates all cases where a person, other than a police officer, dies, suffers a serious injury or is injured by a firearm used by a police officer during police intervention or their detention by police.

The circumstances of the shooting currently only rely on a police press release and a pending investigation. What is public is many of Lemay’s social media posts. They paint a picture of a man deeply upset by his conspiratorial view of the world. 

According to videos posted to TikTok, Lemay reports he was injured at work in June 2023. Sometimes complaining about the pain of his injury, his social media channels are filled with long, expletive-filled rants that detail a coming war, the trouble with his damaged nerve, and accusing several major world leaders of being pedophiles.

In one video, he introduces the viewer to two pigs he’s named Legault and Trudeau, saying they should be brought to the slaughterhouse, before going on to make similar statements about people from within his movement. 

In other footage, he is much more explicit in his call for retribution against politicians — especially the premier and prime minister.

“I would chain you by your balls and drag you behind my truck,” he yells at a camera in French. 

Hoping this medieval gesture might somehow cause the two politicians to confess to their various crimes, he talks strongly about theories of children being abducted en masse — at one point claiming the meat of the children is being processed into hamburger. 

A video posted to the account of Melinda Stickles, Lemay’s romantic partner, shows the couple storing firearms behind a large “Fuck Trudeau” flag that has become a common feature at a variety of protests. Some French-language media coverage of the story reports that ammunition is visible in the videos Lamay posts online. 

Stickles, who also goes by Melinda Stone, runs a few social media accounts posting conspiratorial theories. Some videos also feature Lemay, who she identifies as her boyfriend. Facebook posts from Stickles feature images from Romana Didulo, a spin-off from the QAnon belief system, who has declared herself the “Queen of Canada.” 

Stickles’ posts to TikTok include messages to and endorsements of Cliff “Apollo” Tabor, a Canadian conspiracy theorist who has had limited success in organizing protest actions. His own posts to the social platform have included calls to “put down the phone and pick up something else.”

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