PPC Donor Lists Expose Personal Information Of Far-Right Activists

PPC Donor Lists Expose Personal Information Of Far-Right Activists

The party raised over 2.5 million dollars, a massive and welcome waste of far-right money


August 25, 2020

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: PPC website

Maxime Bernier’s People’s Party of Canada raised $2,674,888 between October 2018 and December 2019, according to their recently released financial records. The PPC attracted and continues to attract almost the unanimous support of Canada's hate movements. Candidates and organizers were exposed left and right for xenophobic, anti-Muslim, and anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric in the lead up to the election. 

The PPC did not win a single seat and is not positioned for any mainstream electoral success; their primary accomplishments are tying up far-right money, paying Bernier’s $104,000 annual salary and those of his team, and exposing the personal information of fringe-right activists who donated to the xenophobic party. It's part of the rules that anybody who makes a donation over a certain size to a candidate or political party has to provide their name and address to be published by Elections Canada.

According to these public and searchable records, known associates of hate groups have given generous sums to Bernier’s PPC.

For example, Ed Jamnisek, of the anti-Muslim groups Northern Guard and Pegida, donated a total of $1500 to PPC candidate Jeremy Lin’s campaign between October and September, 2019. Rick Boswick (Yellow Vests, Pegida) contributed $1000.

Both men were heavily involved in the ongoing harassment against the Al-Soufi family, resulting in the closure of their restaurant. Boswick is currently facing charges for allegedly uttering a threat against an anti-fascist.

Many other names familiar to us for their participation in the fringe-right, so-called 'patriot' movement have also donated generously. This includes organizers and vocal supporters of the Yellow Vest Canada movement that fully support the xenophobic, bigoted rhetoric that has defined the PPC since day one.

Additional expenses listed by the party include $219,975 for ‘supporter rallies.’ It isn’t clear how much of this went towards security costs. Bernier employed Darik Horn, who said his job was personal security. Horn had previously worked security for Faith Goldy, and was a founding member of the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party. The Proud Boys have claimed on Telegram that they worked security for Bernier’s Mohawk College event with Dave Rubin. 

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