EXCLUSIVE: Suspect In Three Vancouver Masonic Lodge Fires Shared Antisemitic, QAnon-Related Content On Facebook

Social media posts highlight a deep belief in flat earth, QAnon related conspiracy theories, and claims that Freemasonry is a form of Judaism. 

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A Vancouver man has been arrested in relation to one of three fires reported at Freemason Lodges throughout the city. 

The Vancouver Police Department has charged Benjamin Kohlman, 42, of Vancouver with one count of arson and one count of assault against a police officer. The investigation into the other two fires is still ongoing. 

“The two arsons that occurred in North Vancouver yesterday are still under investigation,” said VPD Constable Tania Visintin, in a press release. “We anticipate recommending more charges to Crown counsel in the coming weeks related to the North Vancouver files.”

A review of Kohlman’s social media reveals that the suspect’s views toward Freemasons is rooted in antisemitism. 

In an exchange in 2018 with someone on his social media, Kohlman asked “Earlier you mentioned your family has a history in Freemasonry. This is a form of Judaism is it not? Is this why you defend the globe so passionately? Is it right in your name? Jew Ball.”

Kohlman goes on to claim that while not all Jews are part of a global conspiracy, Freemasons are Jewish.  

“These Elite people are Jewish Freemasons who belong to groups such as the Illuminati, Builderburg, Skull and Bones, Bohiemian [sic] Grove, and other secret societies.”

In other social media posts, Kohlman expresses a deep belief in flat earth theories, 5G conspiracies, and a new world order -- all stemming from his certainty in a global conspiracy by the elites and Freemasons. 

Kohlman also spread antisemitic theories connecting Jewish people to Lucifer, and the Illuminati. In one post from 2018 he writes, “The flag for my province represents the British monarchy ruling, and it is a monarchy. Not only are the Knights Templar and the Jewish colours represented but the sun represents Lucifer, the light bringer. At one point the good people of the world managed to disband the order of the knights, but it was short lived and they reformed as the Illuminati. The keepers of light (knowledge). Gold can covertly represent the sun, Lucifer or Satan.” 

Kohlman also shares content consistent with QAnon -- posts about adrenochrome, satanic rituals involving children, and pedophilia are found on his profiles. 

“The world is ran [sic] by Satanic paedophiles. They like to torture and traumatise their victims so that there is a lot of adrenaline in the blood which makes them high when they drink it,” Kohlman wrote in 2019. 

Peppered throughout his social media is the idea that opposition to flat earth theory is satanic and controlled by “the elite.” 

“Flat Earth believers generally agree that Satanic paedophiles control the population and must be stopped while most globe believers are unaware.”

The first blaze began on Thursday, according to police. At around 6:45 am on Thursday, North Vancouver RCMP were notified of a structure fire at the Lynn Valley Lodge near Lynn Valley Road and Harold Road. 

Before it could reach the hour, a second structure fire was reported at Duke of Connaught Lodge No. 64, home of the North Vancouver Masonic Centre. 

“The building was fully engulfed while the City of North Vancouver Fire Rescue Services fought the fire,” the VPD said in a press release. 

The third fire was reported at the Masonic Temple near Rupert Street and East 29th Avenue in Vancouver just before 7:30 am.

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