Suspect In Fatal Stabbing Outside Toronto Mosque Appears To Follow Hitler-Worshipping Satanist Movement

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Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem Source: YouTube, Instagram.

The man suspected of killing 58-year-old Mohamed-Aslim Zafis while he was minding the door at his mosque has been arrested by police.

The Toronto Police Service say they have arrested 34-year-old Guilherme “William” Von Neutegem of Toronto and charged him with first-degree murder. 

According to NewsTalk1010, "police say the killing appears to be random, with no motive and no known relationship between the victim and the suspect."

However, his social media accounts suggest he was an occultist associated with an order often linked to National Socialism. 

Searches of people databases show there is only one Toronto resident listed under that name, and the social media accounts associated with Von Neutegem are connected to a variety of known racist and Nazi-inspired occult movements, including the Order of Nine Angles (abbreviated as both O9A or ONA). 

The Order of Nine Angles is an occult belief system, with a prominent British neo-Nazi often credited as its founder. Some texts linked to the order state, “to cull humans is to be the ONA."

According to UK anti-hate researchers Hope Not Hate, the dark cruelty at the core of some sects of the O9A encourages acolytes to engage in acts that include extreme violence, sexual assault, assassinations and human sacrifices. Alleged followers have been charged with plotting terrorist attacks in the UK and USA.

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network is aware of other O9A adherents in Canada.

Included in the Von Neutegem social accounts is a YouTube channel. In it, chants associated with the O9A ceremonies play as a black and white POV shot shows a nine-pointed star -- a symbol of the O9A -- adorning the monolith of what looks to be a homemade alter.

Several other videos on the channel contain images and references to the occult and neo-Nazism.

An associated Twitter account follows such neo-nazi figures as musician and convicted murderer Kristian “Varg” Vikernes, the white nationalist news podcast Red Ice and one of its hosts Lana Lokteff, along with a collection of other official Canadian government accounts and public figures.

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The TPS said on Saturday, September 12, officers reportedly responded to a call for unknown trouble call in the Rexdale Boulevard and Kipling Avenue area.

Zafis was a volunteer caretaker for his Mosque and police say he was sitting in a chair outside the front doors controlling access to the building to comply with health regulations

“The suspect approached the area and stabbed the man once,” police said in a release.

Authorities pronounced the man deceased at the scene.

Another man, Rampreet "Peter" Singh was killed on September 7, only a short distance from the attack on Zafis less than a week later. During a statement to the press on Monday, TPS detectives did not "exclude that possibility" that the cases are connected, according to CBC News.

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