White Nationalist Claims An Invite To Local Conservative Riding Association Board Of Directors

During a neo-Nazi conference call, Nova Scotia man Cullen Carver bragged about an invitation to join the board of a riding association being the first step towards his goal of entering federal politics.

Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

A picture of Cullen Carver posted to his X account. Source: @carverado24/X

In a recorded conference call, one Canadian white nationalist recently claimed to have been invited to sit on the board of his local provincial riding association. 

Cullen Carver is a Nova Scotia resident of Bridgewater where he appears to have been previously employed in auto sales, though he said on the call he is currently not working. At 21-years-old, social media accounts under Carver’s full name focus on his primary interests, largely the Toronto Raptors and both real and simulated racing. 

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On X, formerly Twitter, Carver ran another account that shares racist, Islamophobic, antisemitic, and generally bigoted content. Carver would get much more specific about his beliefs during a series of recorded audio calls that took place over X’s Spaces feature. 

Spaces allow multiple accounts to make live calls and highlight posts on X to a larger audience. While there are limits on the number of speakers, only 11 accounts selected by the host can have the role at one time during the call, there is no limit to the number of listeners. While the feature is used to conduct public interviews and discussions about a myriad of topics, adherents of the far-right use it as a tool for networking and communication. 

Copies of recordings were provided to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network (CAHN) by antifascist researchers the Red Table Collective. In the recordings, Carver uses his Carverado24 X account to talk about his political ambitions, including a claim that he was recently invited to join the board of the Lunenburg West PC Association. 

"I'm just kind of making some headway here by getting a little bit of experience and networking first,” he said on the call, adding his “dream job would obviously be federal, it would be an MP for sure."

Carver also mentioned that he would not be able to speak openly about his beliefs while on the board. 

CAHN contacted the Lunenburg West PC Association to confirm Carver’s claims about being invited to sit on the board of directors. While they initially responded by asking for specifics about the inquiry, they have not confirmed Carver’s role or responded to subsequent requests for comment. 

According to a copy of the Progressive Conservative Association of Nova Scotia code of conduct posted by the Lunenburg West chapter on Facebook, treating “all citizens equally, regardless of ability, race, gender, religion, language, First Nations status, marital status, and/or sexual orientation” is part of its core values. 

CAHN attempted to contact Carver to address the content discussed in this article, but after being reached for comment he deleted his primary X account. Quickly switching to another, Carver again joined a Spaces call to discuss the coming article and seek advice from his compatriots, including Jon Minadeo II, better known as Handsome Truth. 


Screen capture of Cullen Carver’s since deactivated X account. Source: @carverado24/X


Minadeo is the founder of the Goyim Defense League, a primarily US-based neo-Nazi organization that garners attention through postering, banner drops, and publicity stunts that typically target Jewish communities. 

In the call, Carver is more clear about his alleged position in the community, saying he was not yet on the riding association's board of directors, indicating that he may have had to run in an election. 

According to Carver, the president of the association contacted him after receiving an email from the Canadian Anti-Hate Network seeking comment and clarification on his role with the association. Speaking about the phone call, Carver told the other participants, that the “riding association president called me and said, you know, ‘we got this message.’”

“She was kinda concerned. I could tell.”


The Road In


Besides his political aspirations, Carver also dove into his version of his path into the far-right, initially through the conservative website The Daily Wire while still in high school. 

“I watched Daily Wire every chance I could,” he told listeners. “I’m not much of a Ben Shapiro fan. I'm more of a Matt Walsh fan, which is nice because he was like the only non-Jew.”

Shapiro, one of the founders of The Daily Wire is a Jewish man. Calling the site his “on-ramp” to the far-right “section of the internet,” Carver refers to the non-Jewish hosts of the site as “captured” by Jewish influence. 

“I had no interest in anything in the Middle East or the Jewish faith or ZOG or anything like that,” Carver added to his origin story. “I was totally ‘New World Order, New World Order’ and ‘it's the elites, the elites.’ Well, I don't know why I never took that extra step of like, ‘well, who is the elite?’ You know, just old people in suits, fuck. Well, it just happened to be old people in suits who all believe the same thing.” 

ZOG or Zionist Occupied Government refers to a conspiracy theory based on the belief that Jewish people secretly control the world, particularly Western governments. 

He adds that despite listening to Diagolon’s Jeremy MacKenzie for over two years, he did not realize that many of the podcaster’s statements were about Jews. He primarily credits Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel as leading him towards his current beliefs. 

“You know what, if the October 7 [attack] didn't happen … I still wouldn't be as knowledgeable.”

Many of the Spaces Carver spoke during were not recorded but have names that reveal some of the content likely discussed. These include “White? Aryan? European?;” “Building Pro-White Community IRL (Identifying Enemies);” “Righteous White Anger: Dixie Rising;” and many more. 

Many of the participants of these chats either identify themselves or use account names that contain references or symbols connected to hate movements. This includes “Patriot Gus,” an X account belonging to Gus Stefanis. Stefanis, a long-time white nationalist activist, assumed leadership of the neo-Nazi Canadian Nationalist Party (CNP) after its founder was imprisoned. Stefanis talked with Carver about his own run for office with the CNP in the last election, but did not mention he only received 52 votes in the Scarborough-Guildwood riding. 

The CNP was deregistered as a political party in 2022 by Elections Canada after failing to show it had a minimum of 250 members. 

X Spaces are becoming a frequent meeting place for white nationalists to chat across borders easily and publicly. Recently, a woman who claims to have been a stage manager during the 2022 “Freedom Convoy” blockade protests in Ottawa, Bethan Nodwell, appeared on a Spaces chat to tell self-identified affiliates of Diagolon, that despite having a Jewish business partner, she was a white nationalist and that “white identitarianism is inevitable.”

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