Far-Right Fighting Itself Over Accusations Diagolon Leader is a "Fed"

Jeremy MacKenzie says the “Jew supremacist media” is slandering him after Ezra Levant called him a “fed” on social media.

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

A social media message by the founder of Rebel Media has kicked off a blitz of insults and accusations between the media company and the Diagolon community. 

In Lethbridge, Alberta last week, a pre-trial hearing took place for four men accused of plotting to murder police during the 2022 border blockade near Coutts. Rebel News’ Ezra Levant was on the scene to attend the hearing and report from the ground.

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When a different story broke, the news of Diagolon creator and live streamer Jeremy MacKenzie seeing a set of charges withdrawn from one of several cases against him, Levant responded with three terse words, “He’s a fed.”

The reaction from MacKenzie’s fellow streamers and the Diagolon community was swift. 

“So, Jew supremacist media is slandering me with fed jacketing?” Mackenzie wrote on Telegram less than 24 hours after Levant’s claim was posted to X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Fedjacketing is a term used in many activist communities meaning the unfair or unfounded accusation that someone is a member of or working for law enforcement.

Sarcastically feigning shock, MacKenzie added that it was a ploy to “drum up clicks” for Levant’s “financially struggling media business as well as support the fake conservative establishment.”

“I'd almost feel bad for Eza Levant if he didn't lie and swindle senior citizens for a living,” MacKenzie added.

The accusation, in part, is based on MacKenzie’s testimony before the Public Order Emergency Commission that investigated the use of the Emergencies Act to end the 2022 blockade protests in Ottawa and the Canada-US border. 

When asked by his representation if he had ever reported extremism to law enforcement, MacKenzie confirmed that he had.

On September 21, 2021, a small series of videos were released on YouTube by a handful of armed men wearing tactical vests, calling itself the “LYNX Movement” and the “F49 Militia.” Based in British Columbia, the speaker in the video told viewers to “liberate your neighbourhood, liberate your nation.” 

“It was armed men in the woods with masks,” he told the commission. “One of them specifically said this is a call to arms, which I understand is an illegal thing to do. It was very clear that they were intending to arm citizens.”

Landon Preik was later charged with five counts of Careless Use or Storage of a Firearm and a single count of Possession of a Prohibited Weapon or Device. 

Levant posted footage of MacKenzie’s testimony about LYNX in a reply to his original “fed” post. When contacted by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network about what he meant by the accusation, Levant responded “you, yourself are a fed,” and “If a fed like you has questions for me, get a warrant,” in a follow-up.

“The four men in Coutts were Diagolon followers,” Levant wrote in another post. “They took it seriously, got the merch, started to live-action role-play it. They regurgitated MacKenzie's ‘war’ talk to undercover cops. They're in prison now and MacKenzie is far away, laughing.” 

Attempts to ask MacKenzie for comment through his lawyer did not receive a response. For several days on social media, however, he continued to respond to the allegation, causing supporters and detractors to pile on alike.

The neo-Nazi Telegram channel Canada First—which is run in part by former members of the Steel City Proud Boys—posted a picture of a leprechaun holding a single coin. Captioned, “Artist rendering of Ezra Levant holding donation money grifted from right-wing Canadian citizens after calling Nationalists feds," the image was reposted to MacKenzie’s Telegram channel. 

Some of the administrators of Canada First also are members of Nationalist 13, a Hamilton-based meetup and workout group for white supremacists. That also made reference to the leprechaun imagery, stating “He's a little (((Leprechaun))) man who jealously hordes gold while Our People [sic] suffer.”

The three parentheses around a name, also called “echos” is used to identify an individual as Jewish.

Levant and the media company he co-founded often face criticism for their stances on a number of issues, particularly Islamophobia, transphobia, and previously employing far-right personalities Tommy Robinson, Faith Goldy, and Gavin McInnes — founder of the Proud Boys.

One Rebel freelancer to weigh in on the matter is Andy Lee, who previously has been critical of MacKenzie, but maintained that the concept of Diagolon was a joke and that it was used as the justification for the invocation of the Emergency Act during the convoy — a narrative MacKenzie and Diagolon also embrace. 

“A joke that led to a brutal police crackdown and people's bank accounts being frozen is not a very funny one,” she said in response to one comment. 

“It might not have been so funny if you weren't able to transfer money for months and were permanently flagged and forever banned from PayPal,” Lee said in response to another post. “It sort of really screwed my life up for a bit there.”

Screen captures of Lee’s social media posts were circulated on Telegram and MacKenzie posted to his X account that Lee had “taken up the cross of her master's crusade to protect the RCMP.”

He added that while she might be concerned about Daigolon, she was not concerned about working with Avi Yemini, a Rebel News reporter in Australia who pled guilty to assault for throwing a cutting board at his former wife. 

Rebel Media and Ezra Levant aren't the only ones calling MacKenzie a fed. Rohan Kumar Pall, an obscure far-right streamer who previously supported Diagolon, has been making the same claim for many months.

The video Levant posted online showing MacKenzie testifying about the Lynx Movement was originally from another X user and contained an emoji with the letters “WC.” This is actually the “Water Closet” (meaning bathroom) symbol, but it is used by fans of Pall’s live stream titled “War Campaign.”

“Your local fed informant disavowing his own,” wrote Pall, above a screen capture of a social media post by MacKenzie denying knowing one of the men accused in the Coutts plot. “Even Ezra Levant knows it's too late for Jeremy MacKenzie.”

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