Infowars Defends Canadian Holocaust Denier Ernst Zündel In New Segment

Alex Jones introduced the short video defending Ernst Zündel which also manages to include climate denial, bizarre numerological conspiracy theories, and claims “hate speech” originated with a 1980s Canadian legal battle.

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Screen capture of Alex Jones during an episode of Infowars on November 1, 2023. (Source: Infowars)

A short documentary being featured on Alex Jones’ website Infowars lauds Holocaust denier Ernst Zündel and his claim that six million Jews were not killed during the Holocaust.

Jones introduced the pre-recorded segment by Greg Reese on November 1, telling his audience, “This needs to go viral.” 

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The film asserts that labels such as “Nazi,” “racist” and “climate denial” are examples of how shame and vilification of “deniers” is used as a means of mind control. 

Reese’s theory is that the trouble started during the Holocaust denial trials of the 1980s, specifically against the German-born Zündel, a prominent publisher of neo-Nazi and white nationalist propaganda at the time. 

After moving to Canada in his late teens, Zündel built a business publishing and distributing neo-Nazi books, flyers, and audio cassettes, but was eventually taken to court for publishing British National Front (NF) member Richard Verrall’s pseudonymous work “Did Six Million Really Die? The Truth At Last.” He faced charges under a little-used law for the knowing publication of false news that caused harm to the public interest.

“The main argument was simply challenging the number six million,” Reese tells his audience. “Many others have worked out the math and concluded that six million would’ve been impossible.”

The total number of Jewish deaths during the Holocaust, estimated to be between five to six million people, is a combination of those killed at death camps (2.7 million); during mass shootings and massacres (two million); in ghettos as well as labour and concentration camps (between 800,000 and one million); and other acts of violence (250,000), according to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. The number was initially credited to Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl, an Austrian Nazi within Hitler’s Schutzstaffel (SS). Hoettl testified in two trials that Adolf Eichmann, a major organizer of the final solution, told him in 1944 that roughly six million Jews had been killed

Zündel, though found guilty by two juries, saw his conviction overturned in the early 1990s by the Supreme Court for violating his right to free expression. He moved to the United States before being deported back to Canada and eventually charged in Germany for Holocaust denial — Zündel used to bombard German government buildings with mailed copies of his publishing house’s work. 

Initially framing the video’s discussion around climate denial, Reese seamlessly links denying human impact on the climate to denying the death count of one of the most well-studied events in history. 

“Climate Denier, Racist, Nazi, and Antisemitism, are words that have been exhaustively misused to psychologically beat people into a submission of shame. It is a human-control technology that works on many people,” Reese narrates over an animated snake attacking a beleaguered-looking person.

“When you point out the facts which expose the man-made global warming theory as a hoax, you are called a Climate Denier or a Science Denier,” he explains before adding, ”the word Denier, or Denial, has been made into a curse. This deceptive word play, along with the term ‘Hate Speech’, both stem from the Holocaust Denial trials of the 1980s.”

Minimizing the Holocaust is considered a form of Holocaust denial, but the report goes a step further. Besides presenting Zündel as a sympathetic persecuted figure, Reese also offers a numerological explanation, commonly used by deniers, to explain the importance of the acceptance of the six million deaths figure. 

Claiming that the number six million has been “ritually used by Zionists since their official beginning in the late eighteen hundreds,” Reese determines that “It obviously means something.” 

“Six million is a six followed by six zeros. And so it can represent sixty-six. Sixty-six is also two-thirds.” 

He adds that a prophecy requires two-thirds of Israel to die and, “Many believers of biblical prophecy believe that this mass blood sacrifice is necessary in order for their messiah to return.”

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