Law Society Initiates Proceedings Against Neo-Nazi Paralegal “Red Serge”

After our investigation revealed the identity of the man behind “Red Serge,” Everett Ross Field is facing a tribunal that could determine the future of his career in law.

Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Facebook

The Law Society of Ontario has officially initiate​​d a Law Society Tribunal proceeding against neo-Nazi and licensed paralegal, Everett Ross Field, alleging he failed to act with integrity during while being investigated last year for his fascist history.

In December 2020, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network identified Field as “Red Serge,” a member of some of the country's most prolific groups of hate mongers. 

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In January of last year, the LSO launched an investigation into Field’s conduct, specifically for:

  • engaging in discriminatory/racist/misogynist conduct
  • engaging in incivility
  • engaging in conduct that was otherwise dishonourable.

The current tribunal proceeding against Field, however, does not deal with the aforementioned engagement racism, misogyny, incivility, or otherwise dishonourable conduct. 

Rather, the LSO’s allegation is that Field failed to act with integrity during the initial investigation into his identity as Red Serge, by denying he was the man behind the screen name. 

“Between February and August of 2021, the Respondent misled the Law Society during its investigation into his identity as ‘Red Serge,’ the LSO wrote, “by falsely denying this identity and any awareness of the fora or activities in which ‘Red Serge’ engaged, and thereby failed to act with integrity.”

A year after the LSO’s initial investigation, Field’s profile on the LSO directory now indicates there are ongoing regulatory proceedings against him. 

If found by adjudicators to have engaged in misconduct, he faces a series of potential consequences including a reprimand, a fine, limits or conditions on the type of paralegal work Field will be allowed to conduct, and/or a suspension or revocation of his licence.

As CAHN has previously reported, Field incorporated his legal education into his fascism. As a guest on the now-defunct neo-Nazi podcast, This Hour Has 88 Minutes, Field used his legal expertise to "red pill" the hosts on hate speech laws, and lay out the boundaries of "what you can and cannot say." 

Later in the episode, Field boasted about using his knowledge of the law to his advantage when confronted about his use of hateful language. 

“When you work in the legal field like I am, and you want to be as offensive as I am, you can very easily hold people over the fire. I've got a few guys I can basically blackmail with assault charges. Because I said the n-word at a bar and they decided to try and punch me... Well now I get to basically bend them over a barrel, fist them up the ass, legally speaking of course, and all of it translates to money. It's hilarious that I'm doing the opposite of the Jew move. Normally it's like 'oh my god you said n-----,' but I get to say it and then bend them over because of it. Most of these guys have heeb [an insult against Jewish people] last names too. So it's just beautiful, the way I'm twisting the legal system. I anglo'd them...When you out-Jew a Jew.”

As a former president of both the Mohawk College Conservative Club and the McMaster Conservatives campus association, Field used his connections at both schools to help organize the Hamilton Conservative Christmas Formal in 2017, to which he repeatedly invited his friends in the fascist Canadian Super Players Discord server, provided they not behave in an “overtly fash” way.

As a student in both the “pre-law” program at McMaster University, and then in the paralegal program at Mohawk College, Field bragged in the CSP server about his on-campus “activism” and expressions of fascism. 

On one occasion, he gleefully posted in the CSP chat about his professor while sitting in her class: “She's bitching about one of our postering campaigns. We did it, boys. I have to contain my glee. So hard not to have a shit eating grin [right now]." 

In November 2021, CAHN reported on the discourse of Canadian neo-Nazis during the deadly white supremacist “Unite The Right” attack on Charlottesville in 2018. For his part, Field told members of CSP who were attending that he hoped they “bashed some antifa skulls.”

Based on our investigations, human rights lawyer and CAHN board member Richard Warman has submitted a formal complaint that Everett Field did not at the time of his licensing, and does not now as a fully licensed paralegal, meet the “good character” requirement to remain licensed as a paralegal member of the Law Society of Ontario.

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