Massive Leak Of European Neo-Nazi Web Store Reveals Dozens Of Canadian Customers' Personal Information

Swedish antifascist activists have leaked the complete details of over 20,000 individual purchases from a major Nazi clearinghouse.

Peter Smith
Canadian Anti-Hate Network

Source: Midgård

Update: A further review of the leak has determined that 79 individuals using Canadian addresses are contained within the leak. The initial account included several names that upon review were determined to be variations of names or errors made by customers when making purchases.


Customer data for a popular neo-Nazi online store has been leaked online by antifascist activists. 

Released by the AFA Stockholm Twitter account, the data claims to be from fascist merchandiser Midgård. Distributed via a dedicated and searchable website, the info includes the names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, and more for approximately 20,000 individual purchases made on the site.

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The data starts in 2017 and documents orders up until 2022. Teased by antifascists several days ahead of being posted online, the Midgård website remains active as of December 5, the day following the leak’s release.

“We want the register to be a resource for anyone who wants to investigate and attack the Nazi movement,” AFA Stockholm writes with the leak. “With this publication, we want to show that one can never be anonymous when choosing to support the Nazi movement. We will always find you! It's only a matter of time.”

We have reached out to Stockholm AFA for comment and will update accordingly. 

The customer information shows 408 purchases were made to addresses in Canada accounting for 79 unique names of individuals. In total, 10 Canadians made 10 or more separate orders from the site, including four who made over 30 orders. Montreal, Calgary, Quebec City, and Toronto all had the most orders, though this is typically due to multiple purchases made by one individual. 


A map of Canada displaying each individual order from Midgård plotted onto a map by postal code. Source: Google. 


Large orders of the same item may be indicative of individuals reselling or distributing neo-Nazi merchandise in Canada. Over a dozen names and/or other personal information available on the list are already known to the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. We are investigating and will be following up accordingly. 

Midgård is a web store distributing hard-to-find National Socialist music and merchandise, the website features prominent clothing brands that either directly refer to or contain symbols linked to white power movements. Besides albums and clothing, the company also sells magazines dedicated to issues like the “race problem,” translations of books by former Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke and Holocaust denier Richard Harwood, and gift cards — if you can’t chose between the can of defence spray or the life rune shot glass. 

Midgård is run out of Alingsås, Sweden, according to AFA Stockholm’s website, and connected to the publisher Ringhorne AB. The owners, Martin Flennfors and Martin Engelin, are connected to the Nordic Resistance Movement. It first went live in 1994, and has been a reliable forum for paraphernalia related to European neo-Nazi and white power movements for almost 30 years. 

“Engelin continues to be one of the organization’s more prominent members,” AFA Stockholm writes. 

This is not the first leak of payment information from AFA Stockholm. In August 2023, the collective released similar data related to the Nordic Resistance Front's website Greenpilled, as well as the White United Shop in 2020, and Midgård for the first time in 2017.

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